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12/28/2008 8:24 PM
Thanks for sending the great Holiday message! I hope that this will be a year for love, peace and happiness for you and your family!

12/25/2008 12:20 PM
Merry Christmas Sheri May love be with you and your family. And I hope to see alot more new phots's and other art work in 2009 .

12/20/2008 3:41 PM
Gorgeous profile picture Sheri, it's got tons of personality!!!

12/19/2008 7:18 PM
Thanks for being such great new friends! Check out my Christmas Avatar! Merry! Merry!

12/19/2008 3:12 PM
Thanks Sheri, always appreciate your encourgment.

12/18/2008 12:13 PM
Thanks for your comments! Very encouraging :)

12/17/2008 2:34 PM
thanks, Me to. Born and raised in So. Cal. In Seattle now for the past 20 yrs.

12/15/2008 11:30 PM
You're welcome I'm glad to see that we are sharing the love back and forth.

12/15/2008 2:25 PM
enjoyed the photos, nicely done!

12/14/2008 8:41 PM
Thanks so much for your insightful comments I really appreciate the feedback :)

12/14/2008 9:13 AM
ty hun that means alot !!

12/13/2008 8:56 PM
Sweet, I live way down south in shawnee forest . I have to say I do like your work, Alot of it seems like it's at peace. Makes me think about the little things in life.

12/10/2008 6:11 PM
Hi Sheri. Thank you for entering your work into the contest "your favourite portrait" Fantastic image and a great gallery. Best of luck with the voting. Dave

12/10/2008 1:13 PM
Thank you again. Always appreciate your nice coments.

12/9/2008 6:33 PM
Thanks for the feedback

12/8/2008 8:08 PM
Your mushrooms are cool, and got my vote!

12/8/2008 7:09 PM
Thanks again for your nice complimentments of my work. Much appreciated.

12/6/2008 5:58 PM
Thanks for all the positive feedback! Glad you like my work. :)

12/5/2008 12:35 PM
Thanks all...Scott, you are a man after my own color pallett! ( snicker )...

12/5/2008 10:11 AM
Thanks for the media comment and for being a fan :)

12/3/2008 8:05 AM
I'm gonna browse around, kick my feet up and chill at your place for a few. :)

12/3/2008 8:04 AM
I want to thank you for your constant support! Thank you SO much for checking out my stuff. :) Means a lot to me. "Looking Studious" is still my favourite.

12/3/2008 3:21 AM
Sheri, thanks so much for taking time to look and leave such encouraging comments on my work! I'm new here too :-) It really is a pleasure to "meet" new friends ... and like you, especially connect with other artists of faith!

12/2/2008 9:40 AM
You do NOT look 39. (gasp) I'm 39 too. :) I appreciate you checking out my work and leaving your feedback! I'll be sure to check back often for new work. Take care of yourself. ;) (fellow Hoosier here)

11/23/2008 6:36 PM
No kidding? Wow, that is like finding a needle in a haystack! Ha! Small town...small world! Sheri (TDC)

11/23/2008 12:38 PM
Have a girl friend who lives in Lindon Michael O'