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7/14/2009 10:44 PM
Thanks for the comment on my Clover... It's appreciated! ;o)

7/11/2009 9:11 PM
I am truely honored and thankful for your appreciation of my photos. Thanks and God Bless You!

7/11/2009 8:26 PM
Hi Sheri, thanks for stopping by and adding "Center" to your fav's. It's appreciated!!

7/11/2009 7:13 PM
Hi Sheri, Thank You so much for stopping by and listening to my music. Thank You also for the kind comments you left. I am honored to have you as a fan. I am your fan as well. It is great to be here on taltopia. How are my pics by the way

7/11/2009 7:03 PM
You can also find me at www.myspace.com/themagic soundofpeter, and on you tube as thevoiceofpeter. I will be putting 2 more songs on taltopia soon. I am working with a young lady on 2 duets. As for touring, I'm reaching for the dream.

7/9/2009 1:31 PM
Can you sing? Total Votes: 9 Your Votes: 2

7/7/2009 6:07 AM

7/4/2009 4:12 AM
Mourning love.Happy Ind day.Hows my fav Taltopian.Did ya blow stuff up on 4th.I did!Wanted to stop in n thank u 4 ur ROCKIN comments on my new song(I BELIEVE).U have me smiling out loud,lol.It kinda seems to stick to ya they say.

7/3/2009 5:56 AM
Hi Sheri.I'm giving back some love 2 ur page.Wanna talk about bitter sweet,let me know what ya think about my I BELIEVE original.Ive been in studio so much I haven't been here 4 while.Thanks 4 stopping in.Ur still the best!

7/2/2009 2:46 PM
Thank you for adding my woodpecker to your favorites, and for all of the great comments you left for me! It always means so much to me!

7/1/2009 9:57 PM
Thank you so much for your comments on my new media..sheri! I realy value your opinion! You're the best!!!!

7/1/2009 11:24 AM
Thanks for being here, your comment warmed my belly :) Peace and infinite love to you

6/30/2009 10:56 AM
Hi Sheri, thanks so much for all the comments, and fav's!!

6/30/2009 8:55 AM
Thanks for your nice comment about the lighted shells. They look pretty cool when they are all glowing late at night.

6/26/2009 8:11 PM
I sent you a few "famebucks", my friend... so that you wouldn't wither away! lol! Your songs have really made me smile!

6/18/2009 5:49 PM
Summer Swimwear Modeling Contest Total Votes: 201 Your Votes: 48

6/16/2009 5:05 AM
thedreamcontinued Total Votes: 60 Your Votes: 10 GOOD LUCK

6/13/2009 11:46 PM
Sheri,ur truly a woman of ur word. Thanks 4 doin Purple People Eater 4 me.When I need a Smile,I will listen to it. :) I have some new ones that I hope to have on here soon. Hey-kids-rock n roll-ROCK ON

6/13/2009 3:36 AM
Waitin 4 "Purple People Eater"done by u is like waitin 4 Christmas.

6/12/2009 10:16 PM
Your joyful renditions of these classic songs make me soooooo happy! You did such a great job on them, and I'm sure that I will be listening to them again! (and humming them all day tomorrow)! You're a star!

6/12/2009 11:20 AM
Best Sunflower Bowl of Sunflowers Total Votes: 136 Your Votes: 20

6/12/2009 10:28 AM
I just got my votes in for you, on summer songs, right before it ended. You got 2nd place dear!

6/10/2009 10:14 PM
U know I'm not making fun of your singing Sheri.On the contrary I'm loovin every min of it.Shouldn't ask me 4 a request cause I might request"Purple People Eater" You'd be great at it. I dare ya!

6/10/2009 5:44 AM
3rd thedreamco... GOOD LUCK Sweety

6/8/2009 5:47 PM
Just voted for your Summer Sunset photo: great photo!

6/7/2009 7:12 PM
Thank you so much for adding my Rain & Roses to your favorites list! I truly appreciate your support! (love your songs by the way...I famed several of them and plan to listen to the rest later!) You go girl!

6/4/2009 9:11 PM
Thanks so much for your kind words. Lisa

6/4/2009 12:31 AM
Thank you for the nice comments. It means a lot, coming from a fellow writer. -Mary :)

6/3/2009 10:41 PM
Thanks for adding one of my media to your faves :)

6/3/2009 6:55 PM
Thank you, my friend! You always say the nicest things, and I appreciate the comments that you left for me on my "Romantic Moon" photo! You're a sweetheart!