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All Comments (14):

9/28/2009 5:38 PM
WOW....I rather enjoyed peeking through your works of art, very beautiful pieces you've created :D!!! Keep on keepn' on guy!!! :) FAMED and FANNED!!!

7/4/2009 7:50 AM
I entered one of my poems in the writing contest which is new to Taltopia and one of the things that I am estatic about finally becoming an option. I enjoy many facets but writing is above all my forte' you might say. :)

7/4/2009 7:48 AM
Well in that case...I love your work and being amongest to many to one day soon see your work all over the world! Great fortune Sir! ;) Thx for being a fan!!

2/24/2009 10:11 AM
the carter 4, LOVE IT, im a carter by birth, but im also a lil wayne fan, its very detailed.

1/9/2009 5:27 PM
Thanks for becoming my fan! :) Your drawings are awesome!

12/5/2008 9:09 PM
wut up bruh? thanks for joinin my fan club

12/2/2008 12:50 PM
You don't need to be a jerk! to get noticed. grow up... Maybe you will get more friends then 6!

10/28/2008 7:38 PM
I believe I did! You are an extraordinarily talented artist. What medium do you use?

10/26/2008 6:01 PM
"who r the troops fighting??" exactly right!

10/24/2008 5:45 PM
thx for the comment bro, but ur Human art skills are WAAAAAAAY tight man, i need to learn how to draw like dat! haha :D good work

10/24/2008 12:52 PM
Very Nice.......You have a great talent there. Keep it up!

10/23/2008 11:34 AM
I love your work!

10/23/2008 6:35 AM
you cant really go round telling people to 'draw more interesting subjects' when all your own submissions are celebrity portraits... oh yay.

10/16/2008 11:45 PM
Hi Dominigue, Thanks for your comments. Really nice style you there.