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2/8/2013 12:57 PM
BTW Congrats on the album release. I hope you sell a zillion copies : )

2/8/2013 12:56 PM
I am on other online radio sites, but this one has a huge audience and I am really trying to stay on there as long as possible

2/8/2013 12:55 PM
There sure are. Like I said, I hate to bother people, but if you don't you will get left in the ash heap

2/8/2013 12:30 PM
Shared that is hahaha Thanks again for all the support

2/8/2013 12:29 PM
Never mind I found thespace and fixed the link. I tweeted and shred on Google +: )

2/8/2013 12:15 PM
Please let me know if I can ever return the favor. Thank you so much. My hubby is really digging your art. He's sitting next to me

1/9/2013 9:10 AM
Thank you so much for the vote. I really don't like to bug peole with this stuff, but I don't have a zillion high school friends like these young musicians to vote for me and it's hard to compete

3/3/2012 3:34 PM
I sent you some famebucks, Murphy! You're too talented to run out of "fame" or "bucks"!

1/7/2012 7:01 PM
yes i am really 13... i'll be 14 april 15..

1/7/2012 6:01 PM
Hello, check out my new medias i uploaded. let me know wat u think... thanks :) http://www.taltopia.com/jessej

12/19/2011 10:13 AM
great drawings

10/19/2011 9:51 PM
mind-boggling drawings..

10/16/2011 6:30 PM
Six votes for you so far in the Drawing Contest, great drawing!

10/15/2011 7:02 PM
Thank you for the compliments! How can I find you on facebook?

9/24/2011 3:12 PM
Three votes for you on Best Sketch Contest, great entry!

5/8/2011 1:41 PM
thank u murphy ...your work is really cool:)

4/10/2011 7:09 PM
You do amazing work my friend.

12/11/2010 10:45 AM
Glad to see you came over. Just click "my account" and then "settings" and you can pretty much find everything to set up your profile : )

10/24/2010 8:22 PM
Eight votes for you on Graphite/Charcoal Lovers contest, great drawing!

10/16/2010 7:49 AM
Thanks for the comments and the favorites. Xander.

10/15/2010 4:53 PM
Elliot, thank you for becoming a fan. I look forward to seeing more media from you and will keep and eye out.

10/15/2010 2:45 PM
Great work. Thx for the fanship

10/15/2010 1:19 PM
Very Nice Sketch work Elliot. Famed a few and gave you a favorite for Jennifer Aniston sketch. Will try to stop by and look over your media some more soon. I am now a fan as well.

10/14/2010 6:45 PM
you know, i was gonna fan you last night, b4 you even entered my contest!

10/10/2010 1:59 PM
Thanks for adding my moth to your favorites, and for the fan ad! I really appreciate it! I always love coming to your page to browse...you're so talented!

10/7/2010 10:05 AM
you're very talented(: keep it up :D

10/4/2010 7:31 PM
Lol! I LOVE Jacob and Bella!! Edward.. i used to like him. But the drawing you just showed me.. is just... speechless for it.. :'D

10/4/2010 7:14 AM
I love your work, it's beautiful

10/3/2010 9:27 PM
Hey Murphy, Love your SiFi work and gave them all a +vote What else would you expect from a guy named " KidCozzmos "

10/1/2010 3:39 PM
I understand...but its still a shame! Just last month we had lots of artists here...but the site got hit by some cybor-bullies, and a lot of people left the site! The drama just became too much. Hopefully they will return soon!