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The 'OLD' Me...
Category: Modeling
Here's a modeling contest w/ a TWIST!!! Ok...for all of you 'oldies' out there (like myself tee hee)...how about we go back and search our old photos of ourselves...at a time when we were younger and could 'brag' :D!!!

It has to be an OLDER version of yourself...preferrably 10 yrs or more...if you don't have anything more than 10 yrs. older of yourself...then it's kewl :)...just enter already!!! tee hee :) Oh...and a MUST have requirement...HAVE FUN!!!! :D No teasing!!! :D tee hee



Entered By:


Kathy age 6

kathy, age, 6
140 votes

My first grade photo, age 6.

Runner Up

"Little Ole Me"

girl, little, blonde
135 votes
Description: Me...a long, long, long, long time ago!
Runner Up

me as a baby :)

blonde, baby, girl, pond, ducks
127 votes
Description: This is me when i was like 3 or 4 years old

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12/28/2009 8:05 PM Premium
It's always fun when we do these looking back at ourselves contests. I love them all, voted on all of them too. Good luck to all... ;o)

12/26/2009 8:36 PM
Hey Everyone!*
Will you help vote for me and/or promote me!*

12/26/2009 7:18 PM
I know what you mean, Linda! I can truly say that I'm happy for anyone who wins this one! You're all tooooo cute!

12/26/2009 1:40 PM
This is one of the hardest contests on here for me to vote on.
There are so many of you in this that are my favorite people, you all look wonderful to me and it is awful trying to choose.

12/21/2009 11:15 AM
pls vote for me

12/19/2009 8:31 PM
Awwww.....I sowwy girlie girl...well...it looks like it's a war of the 'children' here tee hee...I hope you get up further...ya got a LOT of good competition!!! :) Keep smiling girlie girl...don't let the season getchya down :(

12/18/2009 7:42 PM
Thanks Rebecca...but I just checked and I'm barely in the top 5! ouch!

12/18/2009 7:42 PM
I beg to differ, Davidgg...you men look pretty good to me!

12/14/2009 5:22 PM
Okee dokee....my votes are IN WOO HOOO...well Janese, GREAT job on hanging in the first sis!! :) I SO LOVE ALLLL Ya'lls pix...there's just so many to mention...but all I wanna say is, "AWWWWWW!!!!!" :D

12/14/2009 5:15 PM
NE way...all my memories from child-hood was sadly BURNED at the STAKE by my LOVING X-Sister N' Law!!!! :( GOOD LUCK all of yas...I gotta vote now, and it's gonna be a HARD one to vote on :(...love you ALLLLL!!! :D