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Category: Music
It's got to ROCK! It's has to ROLL! There has to be a SCREAMER or a guitar in this HOLE! Original is best but we'll accept the rest...get the funk out ,let your kid SHOUT! put your vocals to the tEST!! Got it? get it? DO IT!

nuff said,, see the first part.



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Lonely Desparation

55 votes

A song I wrote and recorded in the early 90s. This is a recording of the same...

Runner Up

Hot Pursuit

52 votes
Description: High energy guitar instrumental. (Beware of speeding tickets if listened to ...
Runner Up

The Rage Within

48 votes
Description: Letting loose


9/3/2010 5:23 PM Premium
Surprisingly enough...I'm pretty okay with that. hahaha Actually, a band from Chile has this awesome song that they want me to do a cover of so I'm looking forward to that. Just waiting for them to send me the backing tracks.

9/3/2010 5:16 PM Premium
haha I don't do metal. I just did this to see if I could put something up at Rock Control. Didn't work I had it and threw it up here. I KNOW it sucks and I probably won't make a head bangin' lead singer unless I take up smoking 5 pks/day

9/2/2010 2:22 PM
Try to pick another song of this type. I think with the right song of this sort u can nail.

9/2/2010 2:20 PM
Tina, yeah not one of ur better songs but we vote 4 u 4 many reasons. Ur attitude, Guts, presentations, honesty, n a load of other reasons including that sweet voice. I agree though, wish you'd have picked a diff song.

9/2/2010 2:17 PM
I voted for ya several times Hubie. Thanks to all that voted for me. Keep em comin lol. 2nd place is tha 1st looser haha. Not really, I just like saying that. Good luck to all. This is a fun contest. :):):)

9/2/2010 8:46 AM
she so humble but never fumbles, this little kitty in the jungle,,,maybe she's right,she got bite, she sings out loud n never mumbles! Tina Bobina alacazina.

9/1/2010 9:03 PM Premium
You should totally be higher then that hubie! And how am I in third place...my entry sucks. haha Stop voting for me. I just threw it in so there would be more entries in the race.

8/29/2010 8:03 PM
I built a boat that wont float. I slept in poison Ivy, Got this contest goin that was fun I kinda lively;Just seven days ,not that I'm countin 'cause u know this aint a race? But you know my my luck aint changin 'cause I'm in fifth place!

8/25/2010 6:38 AM
Hey warrior, ya remembered my ticker. Thanks. It's tickin. Gonna keep doin what I do till the Lord takes me to that huge studio in the sky,ha. I bet it's a nice one :) Your playin makes up 4 ant singin ya can't thats fer sure. High 5

8/24/2010 6:38 PM
Yankee! Glad to see you here. How's the ticker? Your song rocks also. The problem with me is I can't sing for jack, so I have to fill the space with riffs. Glad you like Drummer Boy!