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any songs as long as original by the entrant .
Category: Music
any thing goes as long as the song song song song is original.

songs .



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He'll Maim For Me

37 votes

You tell me you've got such a wonderful guy You say he buys you pretty thing...

Runner Up

Pray for Me

33 votes
Description: Blueish
Runner Up

My ORIGINAL song calle...

32 votes
Description: Me singing a song I wrote called Draw the Line. Please comment, fame, and be ...

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4/5/2011 8:29 AM
I do better contest wise when I stay off this site

3/29/2011 10:22 AM
It's Lies And Deception. There is a version we did and an old version he did with a male band. The singer was pretty good too

3/28/2011 8:18 PM
By the way Slip...what song is it that The Count has that u said was recorded on a boom box???

3/28/2011 8:17 PM
Yeah Harvy...What I use most is my Tascam FX/01/CD. It is small but powerful and full of effects. I am an effects freak sometimes lol. Slip...I really do wanna try one of those recorders ur talking bout :)

3/26/2011 9:02 AM
We want to get one of those small recorders they have now you just set in the room with you because we are going to be doing some shows.

3/22/2011 4:15 AM
Hey Harvey, I jst looked in the ole studio n found out that I have that DR3. Yeah, it's kool:) I wrote the songs "I Believe" and "You Don't Know Me" using it.

3/22/2011 3:59 AM
Slip...A boom box.....really? Kool. I will go listen :)

3/22/2011 3:55 AM
It's awesome to hear what you guy's use 2 record n play ect! Hubie, I googled BRCD900 n got a youtube of a guy teaching the blues ha. It was cool bt wanted to see it ur mixer. I will look deeper. Will, ahh the 4track. I remember:)

3/21/2011 6:44 PM
BRCD900...BOSE...64 track. and a set of spoons.

3/21/2011 8:04 AM
There is a song on Count Von Shadows profile that he recorded with just a boom box and it sounds surprisingly good considering. Have you guys seen the small recorders like that now in the guitar mags? I hear they sound very good.