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Digital 3-D artwork
Category: Art
This contest is to see who can create the best digital 3-D artwork.

Your 3-D artwork can be totally digital created or with the use of a photograph. It can be totally abstract or just about anything between. If you never tried to create 3-D artwork...it's all about having fun in photoshop. I hope everyone will join in this fun challenge.



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Music Candle

3D, art, graphics
32 votes

This is a graphic that I pulled out of the archives today. The treble clef is...

Runner Up

"A Bee's View"

flower, bee, leaf, nature
26 votes
Description: I used the program Corel to create this effect, by cloning the leaf outside o...
Runner Up

Another Sky Far Away

Sky, modern art, earth
25 votes
Description: This is a manipulated photo of the sky with another sky in it as if it were a...


4/24/2011 11:23 AM
To all of you who voted for me.. A great big thanks! You are all wonderful artists.

4/20/2011 10:40 AM
It turned out great, pepita! Very creative!

4/18/2011 9:59 AM
Beautiful entry, SGL! I encourage everyone to enlarge all of these entries so that you can see the great details!

4/17/2011 11:33 PM
I stayed with him long looking at this times glasses 80 something.Than J lennon was not so poplair.Couldent find any among hundreds so I did a special just for me with mirror glasses in.

4/17/2011 11:30 PM
Hi Janese after thinking awhile I hoped they should remind little on me.Have them on many photos.I got to the swedish word optiker as very young......more to come.

4/17/2011 8:44 PM
Great entry Pepita! Its one of my favorites of yours! Those glasses remind me of John Lennon!

4/11/2011 7:51 PM
Ok im in but please let me know if this fits the description, if not i will ask not to be voted for????

4/11/2011 2:17 PM
Thanks Janese for adding to this very interesting contest...and yes your image does have a nice DOF 3-D look to it when one looks at it enlarged. I hope others will take on this challenge as well. Geo.

4/10/2011 8:35 PM
I hope this fits the criteria for your contest, glink! I use the program Corel to clone the leaf and bee outside the frame. I think it gives a 3-D effect, but I'll be glad to delete it if I got it wrong! Great idea for a contest!