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Getting Started Back To Top

  1. Create a FREE profile. If you upload a video, audio, or picture, you are considered a talent. If you don't, you are a fan...it's that simple. (not a member yet? Join now!)

  2. Vote. Browse through the site and vote on media you find. Each "fame" vote will increase the score by 1, whereas a "shame" vote will decrease it by 1.

  3. Promote. Help talent claim their fame by using our unique promotion tools. Be sure to donate Famebucks to talent you really admire.

  4. Discover. Industry professionals and fans can use Taltopia to discover underground talent. Find new band members, models for a shoot, or that actor for your next film...all on Taltopia.com!

General Back To Top

  1. How do I become a Featured Talent?
    Taltopia prides itself on having a "Fame Algorithm" we call the "Famegorithm." Basically, this is an equation that dictates which media gets featured on our front page. Factors include number of votes, frequencey of votes, total fans, and date of submission.

  2. Why am I not on the Featured Talent section anymore?
    Most likely, a new talent has claimed your Featured Talent spot by acquiring more Fame votes than you. You can also be bumped down from the Featured Talent spot if enough people Shame your media, since this lowers your vote count.

  3. What can I do if I don't see a category for my talent?
    Create one! When uploading a media, just click on the "Suggest new category" link next to the category dropdown menu, or just contact us with your suggestion. When your category gets popular enough we will add it to our main list.

  4. What kind of media can I upload?
    You can upload video, audio, image, and document files. Types accepted are .avi, .dv, .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .3gp, .wmv, .flv, .dat, .mp3, .wav, .wma, .txt, .doc, and more.

  5. How do I upload media?
    You can upload media by clicking on the green button marked "Upload" on the top right of the screen or click here.

    Follow the instructions on the page. Click "Browse" to upload a supported media file from your computer, or you can embed media from the web by copying and pasting the "Embed" code provided by your favorite media sharing website, such as YouTube, MySpace, Slide, etc.

  6. I am uploading media, and am not sure what a "tag" is.
    A tag simply describes your media in a single word. For instance if you uploaded a picture of a rose, you can tag it with "flower, red, rose, petals" etc.

  7. I am having a problem uploading media.
    Please try these steps:
    • Make sure you have the newest version of your browser.
    • Be sure that you are signed into your account.
    • When you are filling in the fields on the upload page, make sure that all are completed and that you check the box to accept the terms at the bottom of the page.

    You can also embed your media from other websites by pasting the embed code in the upload section of our site when you are logged in.

  8. My upload is taking a long time...what's up with that?
    If you try to upload a large file, it will take a while. A general rule of thumb would be to try to keep your files smaller than 10mb. Although we do not currently have upload limits realize that you will be sitting on the upload page for a long time if you try to upload a 100mb file, and your browser might "time-out" depending on your connection speed.

  9. How do I embed media from other websites?
    Copy and paste the "EMBED" code provided by your favorite media sharing website, such as YouTube, MySpace, Slide, etc. For example, Youtube's embed code is to the right of every video in the gray box next to the word "Embed".

  10. Why was my media deleted?
    It is because your media was offensive, not working properly, or it violated our terms. Please remember that pornographic and copyrighted material is strictly prohibited and will be promptly removed once discovered.

  11. The site says I can't register with my email address, why not?
    This means that an account has already been created with that email address. Try entering an alternative address.

  12. How can I get more votes and fans?
    Promote yourself like crazy! We provide you the tools, you can invite others here, promote yourself with the icon on your profile page, and promote a contest you are in by clicking on the orange get votes button.

  13. Why can't I use a certain features on Taltopia? (Voting, commenting, etc.)
    To use these features you have to be logged in. If you don't have a Taltopia account Join Now

  14. I have ideas for new features/suggestions on the site!
    We want to hear them! Click here to contact us!

Profile Back To Top

  1. I've forgotten my password. What do I do now?
    Don't worry, just enter the email address you signed up with here and we will send you all of your login information.

  2. I never received my activation email.
    Make sure emails from noreply@taltopia.com are not being blocked by your email host. Otherwise, your activation email might have been blocked or marked as spam. Click here to resend your activation email.

  3. I've forgotten my username. What should I do?
    Enter the email address you signed up with here and we will send you all of your login information.

  4. I cant remember the email I signed up with.
    We're sorry, but we can't help you with this in order to protect the privacy of our members. Remember you can always sign up for another free account here!

  5. I'd like change my password, what do I do?
    It's easy, just log in to your account, go to your profile page, click "account preferences", then "Change My Password" Here is a direct link: Change Password

  6. I'd like to change the email address where I receive notifications about Taltopia.com
    It's easy, just log in to your account, go to your profile page, click "account preferences", then "Change My Email Address." Here is a direct link: Change Email Address

  7. I'd like to change which events I am notified about via email.
    No problem, you have total control over what you receive from us. Just log in to your account, go to your profile page, click "account preferences" then select or deselect what you would or would not like to receive. Here is a direct link: Account Preferences

  8. I never received an email for comments, password reset, forgotten username, etc.
    Sometimes email programs block email from addresses they don't recognize. Make sure you can receive emails from noreply@taltopia.com. Also, be sure to check your spam folder as emails may incorrectly be moved there.

  9. How can I change my profile picture?
    You can change your profile picture by visitng your Edit Profile page.

    Make sure that you are logged in, then click "Browse" to find a new picture, then click "Upload Picture". When this is complete, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

  10. How do I change my username?
    Unfortunately we do not allow usernames to be changed. You can always just sign up for a new account here!

  11. I’m having a problem editing my profile.
    Please try these steps:
    • Make sure you have the newest version of your browser.
    • Be sure that you are signed into your account.
    • When you are filling in the fields on the edit profile page, make sure that you do not put in any HTML, your age is in a number format, and you click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

    Hope that helps!

  12. How do I delete my account on Taltopia?
    In order to delete your account, you must first log in and then click on the "cancel account" link in your account preferences. Here is a link for your convenience.

Wall of Fame Back To Top

  1. What is the Wall of Fame?
    The Wall of Fame is a section of our website dedicated to talent who want to gain more exposure by bidding on spots to promote their media. There are a total of 23 available spots on the Wall of Fame. The top spot is featured on our front page, giving further attention to the highest bidding talent.

  2. How much do I have to bid to be on the Wall of Fame?
    The amount you pay to be on the Wall of Fame is up to you! The more you bid, the higher your ranking. Bids can be placed for any available $.25 increment. Its that simple.

  3. How do I bid on the Wall of Fame?
    Anytime you click on a Bid Now button you will be redirected to your "MyMedia" page. Once there you can choose what media youd like to appear on the Wall by clicking on the "Bid to Wall" link for that media.

  4. What happens when Im outbid?
    When you are outbid, your media drops down accordingly. If there are enough new talents seeking spots on the Wall, your media may drop off the list.

  5. How long will my media stay on the Wall of Fame?
    Your media will remain on the Wall of Fame for 14 days, or until your bid falls below the lowest available spot.

Famebucks Back To Top

  1. What are Famebucks?
    Famebucks are the currency used on Taltopia.

  2. How do I get Famebucks?
    There are many ways to get Famebucks
    • Purchase: You can purchase Famebucks by clicking here, and funding your Famebucks account using a Credit Card or Paypal.
    • Earn: You automatically earn Famebucks just by using features on our site (when you vote on media, gain fans, and invite friends to join you will earn Famebucks)
    • Complete Offers: You can also complete these offers and we will deposit money into your Famebucks account accordingly.
    • Contests: Enter contests and compete to win the Famebucks prize pool.
    • Donations: Have your fans donate Famebucks to you using the "Donate" button next to your profile pic.

  3. What can I do with Famebucks?
    There are numerous ways to spend Famebucks:
    • Wall of Fame: You can use Famebucks to bid for a spot on the Wall of Fame.
    • Redeem: Spend your hard-earned Famebucks on real merchandise in our Taltopia Famebucks Store.
    • Donate: Admire an artist on the site? Use the "Donate" button next to their profile pic to donate Famebucks to them.
    • Contests: Use Famebucks to cover the entry fee of contests.

  4. How does the Famebucks Offers section work?
    1. Find an offer: Each offer states how many Famebucks (F$) you can earn for completing the offer. The description will tell you exactly what you need to do to earn the Famebucks.
    2. Complete the offer: Click on the image of the offer you would like to complete. This will link you to the offer page where you can complete the requested information. Some offers are free and only request information or a download, while other offers may require you to purchase a product or subscribe to a service.
    3. Wait : After you have completed the offer, it may take a few hours for our system to be alerted of its completion. Please be patient during this process. If you have completed an offer, and still have not seen the appropriate deposit in your famebucks account, then please contact us.

  5. Why did I stop earning Famebucks?
    on the amount of Famebucks you can earn within a given period to ensure that people are not abusing our system. This does not stop or hinder you from actually voting on media that you want to fame or shame, but it does stop individuals from voting excessively for the sole purpose of gaining Famebucks. Caps are reset daily and monthly so you can still earn Famebucks once the cap has been reset.

  6. I just purchased Famebucks and now I want a refund.
    Unfortunately, Famebucks purchases are non-refundable as stated in the terms you agreed to prior to making your purchase.

Contests Back To Top

  1. How do contests work?
    Taltopia members can create their own talent-related contests in any one of our categories which include Music, Art, Acting, Dance, Comedy, Modeling, and Other. The contest creator sets the description of the contest, the end-date, and the requirements necessary to enter. If you choose to enter a contest, you will be required to pay a Famebucks entrance fee in the amount decided by the creator of the contest. You can start getting votes as soon as you enter a media into a contest. When a contest ends, the participant with the most votes wins the prize pool of Famebucks. The more people that join a contest, the higher the prize!

  2. How can I create a contest?
    Creating a contest is a great way to get exposure (and earn lots of Famebucks!). You must be a registered member on Taltopia.com in order to create a contest (not a member yet? Join now!)The only thing we ask is that the contest be talent-related. Click here to create a contest now.

  3. How can I enter a contest?
    Entering a contest is easy. First, find a contest that you would like to compete in by visiting our Contests page. Once you find a contest you like, click on the orange "enter contest" button in the upper right part of the page, select which media you would like to enter, and then start getting votes.

  4. What are sponsored contests?
    Organizations can partner with Taltopia.com to promote their product or service. Sponsored contests are designed to provide our members with unique opportunities, gift certificates, and desirable prizes. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a contest.

  5. Is it possible to change a contest's description and requirements?
    A contest creator can modify the description and/or requirements of a contest by logging in, visiting your contest page, and clicking on the Edit Contest button at the top of the page.

  6. How does contest voting work?
    It's pretty simple. We match up two artists' media and you vote for the entry you like. You can keep doing this until all of the entered media have been matched up against each other. And yes, you CAN vote for yourself.

  7. How can I remove myself from a contest?
    Unfortunately at this time you cannot remove yourself from a contest. If you do not meet the requirements of the contest, you will be deleted.

  8. I got an email about comments on contests I have entered. Why can't I find it?
    This email notification is sent anytime someone posts a comment on the contest you have entered. This does not necessarily mean that the comment was about your media. You can always turn off these notification in your account preferences.

Casting Calls Back To Top

  1. What is the purpose of the Casting Call section?
    The casting calls section is designed to offer our members relevant opportunities in the entertainment industry for actors, models, musicians, dancers, and crew members.

  2. How do I apply to a casting call?
    You must be a registered member to apply to any of the casting calls on Taltopia. Once logged in, browse through our casting section to find a project that you would like to apply to. Be sure to read all the details on the casting page before clicking on the "apply" button. You will then be prompted to choose a media that you feel best matches the role's criteria and follow the directions to complete your submission.

  3. How will I know if I have been chosen for a role?
    The casting creator will review your application the next time they log in and will have the option of contacting you if they are interested in moving forward. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Can I contact the creator of a casting call?
    Yes, but you must be a premium member to do so. Once you are a premium member, you can click on the "contact casting director" link on any role detail page to message the role creator.

  5. How do I post a project in the Casting Call section?
    You must have an industry professional account in order to post a project in our casting call section (don't worry, it's free!). Once your account is created and you are logged in, you can post your project here.

Premium Membership Back To Top

  1. What are Taltopia's Premium Membership plans?
    Taltopia offers a free membership which gives members access to basic features on Taltopia. Our Premium Membership plans give members access to many more features on the site. These plans range from as low as $4.95/month up to $14.95/month. Click here for a breakdown of the various Premium Membership plans and the included benefits of each.

  2. How does the billing work?
    Once you choose a plan that's right for you, you will be prompted to enter a credit card for billing. Once you confirm your information, your card will be charged and you will immediately begin to enjoy the features included in your plan. You will continue to be billed each month for this plan, until you choose to cancel.

  3. How can I cancel my Premium Membership?
    A user may cancel their Premium Membership at any time. However, a cancellation means that we will stop further billing and allow your premium subscription to run out automatically. We will not refund "unused" portions of premium membership fees. If you choose to cancel your premium membership your account will be downgraded to a standard free membership on Taltopia.com once your subscription term has expired. Although your media upload limit will be reduced, any media that you have uploaded to Taltopia during the term of your Premium Membership will remain. If you are currently a Premium Member and wish to downgrade to a free membership plan, click here and choose the "Free" membership type.

  4. Can I change my plan level in the middle of my billing cycle?
    Yes, you can choose to change your Premium Membership plan at any time by visiting the plans page here. You can upgrade your account up as many times during your term - you will enjoy the benefits of the upgraded plan immediately, and will be charged at the upgraded plans rate on your next billing date. In an effort to prevent fraud, you can NOT downgrade your plan during the same term that you have upgraded. However, you will be able to downgrade your plan after your billing date passes.

Facebook Connect Back To Top

  1. What is Facebook Connect?
    Facebook Connect is a tool that lets you link your Facebook account to your Taltopia account making it super easy to sign-up, sign-in, and connect with your Facebook friends who are already using Taltopia.

  2. Do I need to already have a Taltopia account to use Facebook Connect?
    If you do not yet have a Taltopia account, you will be prompted to provide a username, password, and email address when you connect with Facebook.

  3. What are the Facebook Connect preferences and where can I control them?
    When you are logged in with Facebook Connect, and you vote on a media or leave a comment, a box will pop-up asking you if you would like to publish this to Facebook. This is a great way to share what you do on Taltopia in your Facebook newsfeed. You can control this feature by visiting your Facebook Connect Preferences page which can be found here.

  4. I already have an account on Taltopia. Can I still use Facebook Connect?
    Yes! After you click on the "Connect with Facebook" button for the first time, you will be taken to a page where you will seen an option to link your existing Taltopia account to your Facebook account. Click on this link, enter your Taltopia username and password, and we'll link you right up.

  5. How can I disable Facebook Connect?
    If you no longer wish to have your Taltopia account linked to your Facebook account, you can disable it by visiting your Facebook Connect Preferences page found in your Account Preferences. Here is a link (http://www.taltopia.com/members/facebookprefs.aspx) for your convenience.

Virtual Gifts Back To Top

  1. What are virtual gifts?
    Virtual gifts are digital images that you can send to others on Taltopia. Received gifts show up on a member's public profile page for all visitors to see.

  2. How can I send someone a virtual gift?
    When you visit someone's profile page, you will see a gift box next to the user's name with the words "Send Gift". Click on this link and then choose a gift you would like to send from the gallery. Once you select a gift and confirm, your Famebucks account will be charged and your gift will be posted instantly on the member's public profile page.

  3. Can I get a refund for a virtual gift I sent?
    Unfortunately, we we do not provide any refunds for virtual gift purchases.