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Member Since: 12/7/2011

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Name: Jessica
Age: 17
Gender: Female
I'm an: Artist
I'm also a: Dancer
Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Ethnicity: African
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
About Me:
My name is jessica, i'm 17, i like singing (i'm a great singer. I also do art:)... email me... jessej4real14@rocketmail.com
http://www.wix.com/jessi ebartlett32/jessej4real
Art and Music


3/27/2012 8:45 AM
Nice artwork, liked the ones with color, they sure stand out. I will visit your facebook page when I get a chance, keep it up and take care.

2/24/2012 11:02 AM
I got a message that the website doesn't exist. BUt I tried to use them and set up a site and it went poof later too

2/14/2012 10:03 PM
WoW that looks brilliant keep up the good and great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

2/5/2012 1:27 PM
Cool work!! u should try the website: DeviantART :D

2/2/2012 4:26 PM
Went through ur good media. Keep it up my friend!!!

1/25/2012 1:18 PM
Awesome. I wish I could draw... You should try other art sites like Divientart.. Or however it's spelled. xD

1/8/2012 9:55 AM
Nice work, Jesse. You definitely have some talent going on Wishing you loads of success

1/8/2012 7:50 AM
Your talent is amazing, you have the eye of an artist. if you have questions, feel free to ask.

1/5/2012 12:23 AM
I wish I could draw half as good as this :) You say that you like to sing...I hope you can put up some singing sometime. I'd love to hear it :) !!! Great meeting you. Good luck in your art and singing my friend :)

12/14/2011 10:36 AM Premium
Hey thanks for joining! Claim your fame!