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Member Since: 3/17/2007


Name: Ben
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: Charlottesville, VA, United States
About Me:
Ummm, not much to say but that I'm a highschool student in C'ville. I love playing music and havin fun!
Hangin with friends
Being outdoors
More Info:
Im 16
260 lbs
Bech=315 lbs (I guess that's good for a 16 year old)


wolf bane
9/11/2007 10:55 PM
I got a song up on the wall of fame called fuck you up please check it out

8/28/2007 4:11 PM
7879 showin some love!
vote! and be my FAN!!

Tiffanie M...
3/24/2007 9:27 PM
hey, Mostly I love to draw with white conte on black paper...just drawing what the light hits... cool photos.

Chris Kett...
3/22/2007 4:21 PM
ooh cool.
yeah my guitar looks pretty tiny on me too.

Chris Kett...
3/21/2007 9:01 PM
do you have a bc rich style mando? or is that a guitar?

3/20/2007 9:07 PM
cheers thanks for the feedback
unfortunately at this stage we dont have a cd to send out but we are working on it!

Chris Kett...
3/20/2007 2:24 PM

3/19/2007 11:53 PM
That pic was taken up north in Redbluff at the original home of california's first governor --or something crazy like that. :) Near Redding

Backseat O...
3/19/2007 10:10 PM
umm we possibly could IF you could get us publicity and more of a fan base out that way

3/19/2007 4:53 PM
hey man thanx for the comment on my solo. im working on another solo but its gonna be shorter than the one i have right now. and if u know anyone who needs a good drummer tell'em bout me cuz i need someone to drum with