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Member Since: 11/23/2008

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Name: aftermath of eden
Age: 29
Gender: Male
I'm a: Musician
I'm also a: virgo, dork, smart ace
Location: clearfield , UT, United States
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 250 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
About Me:
2013 set up little studio called roach motel publications been writing since I was 15 I like how songs are a way of remembering the most important achievements and struggles and how no matter the odds if you hold a guitar in your hand you feel invincible
technology, recording, dmx lighting, projection. family, unknowing muses
More Info:
written lots of albums 2012 called 27th street stage. 2013 called Destination No Wasteland
Links:cd purchase 27th street stage


6/15/2011 9:03 AM
Well we miss you around here for sure. I hope you are getting back in the mood. I know how that can be

6/7/2011 10:53 PM
Are ya out there man. Been a while n I stopped in for a listen. That song (bonus track 4 darkened skys has given me an inspiration 4 a song. Hope I can write it soon. Thanks dude

12/24/2010 8:40 AM
Merry Christmas, sweets

12/6/2010 11:34 AM
Oh No You can't go away : (

9/8/2010 10:16 AM
You did a great job with that. I know the feeling though. I have songs I wrote years ago I am still trying to iron out. That is why I didn't do that video yet I promised. The song I want to use is still not quite right.

8/10/2010 12:58 PM

7/24/2010 9:40 AM
Oh wow I just found all your pics on reverb . I am going to swipe some of those : )

7/24/2010 9:36 AM
Just wanted to let you know I am finally working on the video I promised all you guys in the Ode contest.
I need photos though, so I can use your pic and some of your reverb store stuff if that would work : )
Let me know

7/23/2010 10:42 AM
And so do you!!!!!!

7/8/2010 5:41 PM