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Member Since: 5/2/2007

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Name: Caitlin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location: Detroit, MI, United States
About Me:
My nickname is Dopeshades given to me by the bassist in my old band. Reason it was Dopeshades is because no matter what the weather is outside, I've always got my sunglasses on. Sunglasses was the original name, but it didn't stick. So, I'm Dopeshades! I love to entertain people. I plan on going into the entertainment business as an actress/stand-up comedian/musician. I'll take one or all of those. I just love interacting with people and seeing them enjoying themselves.

I'm starting to brains  ...more
Sports, Paintball, Photography, Culinary Arts, Comedy, Film, Movies, Creating Music Videos, Animation, Acting, Politics (First thing I did on my 18th birthday was register to vote, which was the best present ever!!), Video Games, X-Box, the original Atari (yes, I've played one before and I loved it!), Hockey, Classical Music, Swing Music, Music Music, Poetry, Horseback Riding, Books, Poker (any card game really), Surfing, Snowboarding, Skating, Skateboarding, Boogie Boarding, Rock Climbing, Danc  ...more
More Info:
Drummer in the band The Troubled Ones.
Fan of comedian Robin Williams, actor William Shatner, and actor Alan Alda.
Tattoo of the Golden Gate Bridge on my back
Links:The Troubled Ones


8/26/2007 6:49 PM
7879 like ur work!!!
hip hop!

5/4/2007 11:41 AM Premium
Hey, welcome to Taltopia, and thanks for uploading some media. Be sure to use the Promote button next to your profile pic to tell your friends and fans about your new account.