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Member Since: 3/9/2010

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Name: Anthony Lusignan
Age: 32
Gender: Male
I'm an: Artist
I'm also a: Husband and Father
Location: edmonton, AL, Canada
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 196 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
About Me:
I am an artist looking to share my art with the world. I have a nature vs Mystical style and strive for realism with most of my work
Have special connection to trees but love all nature and animals. I spent alot of time in the forest behind my grandmothers farm listening to the trees talk. Love my family, painting, hockey,
Links:Anthony's Oil paintings


8/30/2011 4:00 PM
You really have some awesome work here. It is a wonderful style that you have. looking foward to seeing more of it!!

12/4/2010 5:10 AM
WOW!!! that's all there is to say! I want more!

8/31/2010 6:54 PM
To my new fan can't wait to see your next piece.

8/31/2010 6:50 PM
You are welcome and I am glad you liked my drawing, it took me some time. I know painting can take time as well I just have to get more into it. Thanks again.

8/30/2010 3:12 PM
If I could type I'd be dangerous : )

8/30/2010 3:12 PM
No hurry on the phots. It will probably be several weeks before we get a copy of the song we are pleased wiht. But it sounds a lot better than the old version. At least I hope LOL
A Pyramid painting sounds wonderful. I love that stuff.

8/30/2010 10:55 AM
We changed up the tempo and it sounds way better. Plus I will add any new work you have by then and maybe you can send me the photos in an email so they are clearer. That program tends to degrade the quality and so does Taltopia.

8/30/2010 10:53 AM
I just saw your comment about Venus Fly Trap. That is so cool LOL
Maybe I should start writing kid songs. We have heard from others that the young kids want to hear our songs over and over. BTW I may do a new Storm video of your work soon

8/29/2010 5:16 PM
You are an amazing artist! Rick and I are very excited about the Tree Dancer coming our way! I can't wait to see it!

8/23/2010 3:28 PM
I had seen your work around, Slippery When Wet, and the Tree Dancer. Glad I got to see the rest of your media, enjoyed your paintings very much. I am sure we will se more from you, keep up the good work. Number 34 in your fan club