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Member Since: 7/14/2009

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Name: Rhonda
Gender: Female
I'm a: Photographer
Location: AZ, United States
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Links:View My Photos on Black


7/18/2011 8:06 AM
Congrats on the animal contest XOXO

7/17/2011 4:13 PM
Congrats on your win!! Well deserved Rhonda!!

7/17/2011 1:23 PM
Congratulations on winning the Animal Art contest! Can't wait to see more of your stuff, you will definately get my votes!

6/9/2011 11:05 AM
i hope so...i'll try...lol

5/29/2011 11:30 AM Premium
Your Votes: 19
Great black and white contest entry..Good luck

5/23/2011 9:45 PM
Thank you for faming my "Sweet Treat" shot! I feed my birds and critters pretty well in exchange for their letting me photograph them! lol!

5/23/2011 7:46 PM Premium
Awww, thank's for faming me up Rhonda!! I'v sure missed that pretty face here! You have such a talent, behind the camera and your drawings!! Hope all is going well for you & yours. <3

5/22/2011 9:26 PM
I hope that you have a great summer too and that you get a chance to stop in and join a contest every now and then! You really brighten the joint up! lol!

5/22/2011 9:24 PM
Its so good to see you again! Your mom told me that your business was thriving! I'm so happy for you! I sure do miss seeing you around here though! My grandkids start "camp Grandma" on Thurs so it should be a fun summer! Thanks for asking!

2/13/2011 7:58 PM
HI sis...Looks like you haven't been on here in a while either, tee hee...just thought I'd swing by n' check n' see how ya doin' :D!!! HUUUUGS LUV YA!!!