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Acting Jobs

Acting Jobs

Want to find acting jobs?

Have you always liked acting but wondered what it really takes to find acting jobs? With so much competition out there, it can be very challenging to nail that audition. Taltopia.com is here to help you on your journey to become an actor. Connect with the right people in the industry - all for free. Let this be the first step in your journey to getting acting jobs!

Resources for getting acting jobs:

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Taltopia.com has a number of resources to help you get acting jobs. Articles are written by industry professionals who have first-hand experience on guiding people who are just getting started in the industry. Actors can also take advantage of our casting calls section to explore and apply to relevant opportunities. So join Taltopia for free and you will be one step closer to your dream of getting acting jobs!

Different Kinds of Acting Jobs
When people think about acting they usually picture movie stars and television celebrities. But there are more kinds of acting jobs than just film, television or even theater. There are numerous positions which hire actors enabling more people to fulfill their dream of becoming a professional actor. Very few individuals ever make it big however you can still do what you love and get paid to act in one of these arenas.

Theme park characters
Those people dressed up like Disney princesses, masked cartoon characters and more are all actor. They have to play a part and sometimes for long periods of time where they have to interact with a large number of people and remain their character. It’s a great job for an actor just starting out to have some fun and work on staying in character no matter what happens.

Stage shows
Not theater per say but stage shows such as the shows seen at amusement parks. They involve lots of training and rehearsals and are done several times a day. These can be anything from a pirate stunt show with comedy to a dramatic play with opera singing. Actors of all types with various skills are needed for these.

Traveling education groups
These are shows that are done at schools for kids to teach some important life lesson. They are usually presented in the form of a play but may interact with the students or have an afterward where you talk with the kids and answer questions. You’re acting and doing something great in educating youth.

This is one of the most fun forms of acting. You get to stay in your sweats, no hair and make-up required. You’re acting just like you would on camera only there’s no camera rolling, instead your standing in a small studio in front of a microphone. This can be an extremely lucrative career if you get lucky and get in with the right crowd with that voice of yours. Voice-overs are done for everything from commercials and cartoons to books on tape and corporate voice mails.

Mystery dinner theaters
Actors sing, dance, act and wait tables in these shows. If you can’t sing or dance don’t worry there are some mystery theaters that only require you to act and wait tables. What is fun about these is you get to be interactive while acting out a play and then take a break from that and do some small tasks (serving guests). It’s a great way to get some practice while waiting for something larger or to get your acting fill outside of your regular job.

Spokesperson promotions
In person promotions are a big business. Lots of these involve interacting with the public as a specific character type. Most of the time there is a script to memorize that the spokesperson works off of. Sometimes they have to give speeches and big sales presentations, all of this involves various forms of acting and can help develop other skills which you can make into a career or use to improve another facet of acting.

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