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Drawing Community

Drawing Community

Join the fastest growing drawing community online!

There are lots of people out there who think they got what it takes to become a famous artist. At Taltopia.com, we provide you a platform to prove it! Join our drawing community and compete with other artists for art supplies, gift cards, and other prizes. Our drawing community is more than just drawing contests...you can build a fan club, create an online portfolio, promote yourself, and network with other artists - all for free! Our community is waiting...join now!

How to join our drawing community:

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Step 1: Join Taltopia.com (its free!)

Step 2: Upload your drawings

Step 3: Be a part of the best drawing community ever!

Once you join Taltopia you'll find that our drawing community is very helpful with giving you guidance and feedback on the art that you have uploaded. Members often find that being a part of our drawing community greatly improves their art and their overall understanding of the whole process of creating art.

Advantages of Joining a Drawing Community

Artists all over the world now have access to online drawing communities to showcase their work and also learn various tools and resources provided on these sites. These communities provide a great medium for interaction and opportunity to participate in online competitions.

The Internet has given the greatest platform to artist for displaying their artwork online. This gives them exposure at a global level. It is the drawing community that has taken it one step further and has focused on promoting artists and their artwork. Drawing community enables you to have constant interaction with other artists. You can make new friends, seek help on your artwork or share your knowledge and expertise with other members. You can accomplish all this along with being up to date with the latest news and articles in the drawing world by becoming a member of a reputed drawing community.

Some of the online drawing communities have the ability to let artists and illustrators draw online by using drawing-specific software applications. Other drawing communities are for artists, who love to draw using traditional methods of pencil and paper. They scan or take photograph of their artwork and upload them for others to see. Galleries and private exhibitors can also view artworks uploaded on drawing communities’ websites and showcase talented artists on their sites. The drawing communities also provide forums, tutorials, and expert advice on various drawing and sketching techniques.

From a beginner to an expert, drawing is an art that keeps evolving in its techniques continuously. It is very important to be updated on the latest skills and formats that are found in drawing communities. Lets us say as a beginner, you want to learn about drawing from scratch. The best place for starting your journey in the world of art is to join a drawing community. Learning to draw is a very difficult job without proper guidance or resources. These drawing community websites help in networking with people, who have similar talents and want to pursue further. You will find many interesting drawing lessons, tips and advice about drawing all kinds of subjects. The learning material such as lessons, tips and critique is provided by the members of these drawing communities. Being a part of the drawing community makes it easier to access professionals, lessons, techniques and most importantly the confidence of becoming a good artist.

An overwhelming number of people have now become members of drawing communities worldwide and are connected with each other. There is a “Drawing day” to celebrate the art of portraying great work. There are many online drawing community websites such as:

Facebook (Pencake Ecard app),
Red Bubble,
Amateur Illustrator,
Dragoart and more...

With a large number of online drawing community websites, it makes drawing fun. Many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube also have online applications to enable you create many works of art.

There are many advantages of joining a drawing community. The wealth of information available at an online drawing community can teach you to draw effectively! These drawing communities offer online lessons as well as contact and other information of art schools in your area where you can pursue your hobby. There are listed books and guides in the drawing communities’ websites that help you learn the ropes from basic to advanced levels of drawing. You can also learn a lot from drawings and illustrations from other members of the drawing community.

You can either draw using pencils, charcoal chalks, or use online tools to sketch with a click of the mouse. Your creations will be then a part of the drawing community. Contests are a regular feature in these drawing communities. You must participate in them to gauge your level of expertise, as it also makes you more confident artist. After all, thanks to these drawing community websites, we can now connect to art globally.

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