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Open Casting Calls

Open Casting Calls

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What To Expect at an Open Casting Call
Open casting calls tend to be held and publicized for large blockbuster type films, often as a means of early marketing before production has even ever begun. Sometimes the casting calls are for starring roles other times it’s just for extra work. Either way usually lots of people attend with stars in their eyes and dreams of fame and fortune. While anything is possible you shouldn’t expect this, instead be prepared for all of the following.

Long lines
Especially if it’s for a major role in a blockbuster film as thousands of people may show up looking to hand their “lucky break.” So be prepared for a long wait and take something with you to occupy your time such as a book or handheld game.

Those horrible looking old fashioned Polaroids are still in use and yes, they will likely take a photo of you. While some casting calls have turned to digital camera there are still just as many using Polaroid cameras. So practice some poses and angles beforehand so you know how to pose for the quick Polaroid and look at least decent (no one really looks good shots).

Casting sheet and size card
You may have to fill out a casting sheet with your contact information as well as a size card that lists all your sizes. Take measurements of your sizes beforehand so you know what they are and can quickly fill them in. This is important for smaller casting calls like that for extra work where they cast fast and need to have all the information in front of them immediately to pull wardrobe.

Shortage of scripts
At large casting calls they often run out of copies of the script or sides. In this case you’ll have to befriend someone and share or wait until a copy becomes available so you can study your lines and prepare for your audition. If possible get the script ahead of time so you have lots of time to prepare and don’t have to worry about finding one at the casting location.

Some casting calls pre-screen, meaning they look at you and either you audition or send you home before you even walk through the door. Others have you audition for a casting assistant or intern to see if you’re good enough to go on to meet the actual casting director. This saves the casting team time because they can see more people more quickly and eliminate those that aren’t qualified or fit the necessary criteria.

Brief audition
Your audition time in the actual casting room will be very brief. With so many people to see they don’t have time for small talk or giving you large numbers of corrections and re-takes.

It’s inevitable. You won’t get every job and the ones you want most you may never even called back in for. Learn to deal with rejection early so you can actually enjoy the open casting calls you go to and not get too upset about things when it doesn’t work out the way you dream.

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