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Pencil Artist

Pencil Artist

Get the feedback you need to become a great pencil artist!

There are lots of people out there who think they got what it takes to become a pencil artist. At Taltopia.com, we provide you a platform to prove it! Join our drawing community and compete with other pencil artists for art supplies, gift cards, and other prizes. Our drawing community is more than just drawing contests...you can build a fan club, create an online portfolio, promote yourself, and network with other artists - all for free! Our community is waiting...join now!

How to revieve great feeback as a pencil artist:

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Step 1: Join Taltopia.com (its free!)

Step 2: Upload your drawings

Step 3: Connect with other pencil artists.

Once you join Taltopia you'll find that our drawing community is very helpful with giving you guidance and feedback on the pencil art that you have uploaded. Members often find that being a part of our community greatly improves their art and their overall understanding of the whole process of being a pencil artist.

How to become a Pencil Artist

The creation of art on paper using pencils, charcoal chalk or colored pencils is accomplished by pencil artists. The images are so life-like that you might get tricked thinking of it as a photograph.

Pencil artists are revered all over the world for their ability to reproduce images with stunning likeness to real-life objects, just by using pencils. The artwork looks like black & white or color photos. You can learn the art of pencil drawing from many sources. These include books by well-known pencil artists. With the Internet as being one of the most popular resources, you can find a wealth of information on art by popular pencil artists. Most of the pencil artists have their own websites where they teach the art in tutorial format, give tips and advice, and sell their artwork.

As an eager student, you must go all out to master the art and be well known. Next, it is important to showcase your work wherever possible. As a budding pencil artist, you need to plan your path to success.
- First, focus on getting resource material on pencil art. These could be books or website lessons by pencil artists.
- You must learn to draw basic sketches. Next, is to learn perspective drawing to understand the concept of dimensions to become a thorough pencil artist. Learn the art of shading to create multi-dimensional pictures. - Once you have mastered the technique, invest in some good quality paper and drawing pencil sets. You will find material listings in pencil artists’ websites or books.
- Join an art class, refer to pencil artists books or their websites for art lessons.
- Join forums of online drawing communities and websites of leading pencil artists. Discuss pencil art tips and techniques with fellow pencil artists.
- Create your own website, write blogs, and participate in pencil artist competitions.

Pencil artists use many sketch styles to make their work look real. The work of a pencil artist ranges from still life, portraits, contemporary art, wildlife, and much more. The materials used by them for sketching include:

Graphite Pencils: These pencils have powdered graphite in them with varying thickness. The different types include HB, 2HB, 4HB, 6HB, 8HB and more. If you are a beginner pencil artist, you must pick 2-3 to start with and add more once you are comfortable with the style. It is very important to pick pencils of reputed brands. They also come in other forms such as chalk and powder.

Inks: Pencil artists also use ink for dyeing or pigmenting a few areas in their work. Use waterproof ink and have some good quality blotting paper. The ink is used through a fountain pen or dip nibs. Professional pencil artists use inks for more depth and color addition.

Charcoal: The use of drawing charcoal in pencil art is quite common among pencil artists. The forms of drawing charcoal are in powder or stick depending on the sketch pattern. It is mainly used for shading by many pencil artists.

Other tools:
- Erasers are the most important tool as they can rectify mistakes!! There are 2 types of erasers used by pencil artists: Kneadable eraser and a white plastic eraser.
- Sharpeners are a must to keep the pencil ends at their best. Pencil artists use the regular two-hole razor-blade for maintaining their pencil sharpness. The use of a blade could waste a lot of lead/ coal/ graphite from the pencil during the sharpening process. Sandpaper is a favorite among pencil artists to sharpen a dull point
- Tortillons also known as paper stumps act as a powerful blending tool by pencil artists

Armed with these tools, tips and advice, you are your way to being a great pencil artist.

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