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Pencil Drawing Art

Pencil Drawing Art

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There are lots of people out there who think they got what it takes to become a famous artist. At Taltopia.com, we provide you a platform to prove it! Enter your pencil drawing art into contests and compete with other artists for art supplies, gift cards, and other prizes. But Taltopia is more than just a place to post your pencil drawing art...you can build a fan club, create an online portfolio, promote yourself, and network with other artists - all for free! Our drawing community is waiting...join now!

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As mentioned earlier, when you join Taltopia, we give you the viral tools to promote your pencil drawing art. What does that mean? We have it broken down a few ways. First, you can post your art anywhere online including myspace, facebook, etc. using our social networking features. Then, we have the Wall of Fame that lets you place your pencil drawing art on our front page which gets you millions of views. Also, if you get popular enough on the site, your media will become a featured talent. This honor also gives your pencil drawing art millions of views. So join Taltopia today!

Tips on Mastering the Pencil Drawing Art

Pencil drawing art is perhaps the most expressive in all art forms. Realistic pictures are re-produced with almost exact likeness to the subject at hand. To master the pencil drawing art and be a professional in this field is rewarding experience.

Knowledge and understanding to create life-like images is the prime focus of pencil drawing artists. Regular practice and understanding the concept of proportions can result in accurate and “real” pictures. You could either draw using a photo or portrait as source of inspiration or use your imagination to create a stunning pencil drawing art. Drawing is most often tried and tested individually. If you want to explore the world of pencil drawing art, it is advisable to get coached by professionals in this field.

Lessons in drawing
Undertake as many drawing lessons as possible to understand the pencil drawing art. Right from holding the pencil in the right manner to draw strokes to contouring, you must get comfortable with the concept of pencil drawing art. Contour drawing, 2-D, and 3-D images help train your hand and eye to work in unison and create flawless and effortless pieces of pencil drawing art work. Grids are a great way to understand and draw right proportions for portraits, object drawing and more.

Drawing Mediums
There is an abundance of pencil and paper variety accessible to the artist. But as a learner of pencil drawing art, it is vital to try with general paper and pencil before investing money on these expensive pencil drawing art materials. Learn about the choices before you head out to an art supply store. Get to know what mediums you are comfortable by trying out pencil, charcoal, and graphite pencils on paper. Draw lines, curves, shading, and 2-D objects to get familiar with the use of materials. After you are comfortable with the use, you can buy the right pencil drawing art supply.

Shapes and Structure
Pencil drawing art conveys exact likeness to objects in the eye of the beholder. Free-hand drawing is the first step in this process. Having mastered that, the next step is to understand structure and perspective drawing. It is important to start of with single dimension images, then move to 2-D and last 3-D structures. Learning these techniques that are part of the pencil drawing art process help you in depicting the dimensional images.

Learning to use the technique of light and dark shading in pencil drawing art is the highlight feature. This procedure in pencil drawing art gives the realistic effect to images by showing dark, light and in-between tones to objects. It is important to have a control of the pencil movement to get desired results. You can use darker HB pencils, charcoal, or graphite to get varying depths of shading in pencil drawing art.

Practice sketchbook
A sketchbook is your progress card in pencil drawing art. It helps you gauge your artwork with time, draw anything from life and also keeps all your drawings in a single location!! Maintaining a sketchbook inculcates the habit of regular practice of pencil drawing art. It also gives inspiration to future artwork. Make notes, try new techniques, practice new drawings, and try a tutorial in pencil drawing art.

Types of Drawing
Different subjects of pencil drawing art include objects, contemporary art, figure drawing, and portrait sketches. In pencil drawing art, knowledge of proportions is required to a certain extent for figure drawings. Practice figure drawings using reference photos. Portraits focus on mainly the head area. So, it is important to master the head anatomy in pencil drawing art. The next step would study and replicate the facial features.

There are many online and offline resources for pencil drawing art by drawing communities or artists. You could also refer to books by pencil drawing art experts for effective lessons and advice. Start the journey of becoming a pencil drawing art expert from today!

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