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Photography Contests 1

Photography Contests

Enter your shots in Taltopia's Photography Contests!

Photography is a very competitive field...what better way to stand out than to enter photography contests! At Taltopia.com, you can enter plenty of photography contests to win great prizes like cameras and gift cards. There are thousands of other photographers on the site waiting to network with you. Get started by joining today.

Importance of Photography Contests:

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By competing with other artists in photography contests, photographers are required to push themselves a little harder to get that perfect awe-inspiring shot. Photography contests are also a great way to reward deserving artists. Most importantly, our photography contests are the best forum to get feedback and improve your photography skills.

Photography Contests

Photography contests provide an excellent platform to showcase your talents as a good photographer. With the Internet being one of the largest promoters of such contests, it has become easier to participate in them.

What are photography contests and why are they so popular? The answer lays in showcasing talents where “pictures speak a thousand words”. A photograph is a visual capture of an image that we want to look at for a long time to come. It captures great moments and memories. It is important to participate in photography contests for a budding photographer. A good photo is the one that is able to capture the essence of the moment, when the picture was taken. It also includes factors like focal point, light, background, contrast, balance, distance and more. Once you master these technicalities, it will be easier to produce some great photos that are worthy to compete in online or offline photography contests.

Photography contests are all over the Internet. The medium of online photography contests has made it easier for participants to be abreast of upcoming events and take part in them. There are various websites like Flickr, Kodak, Photo.net that promote good photography techniques & photography contests. These photography contests also improve your skills. It provides a learning experience and makes you aware of the current trends, latest technology and other ace photographers. How do you stand out as a photographer in such photography contests? Does your picture convey all that it wants to? What is the “x-factor” in the photography contest entry? Are you aware of basic rules for each photography contest? These are a few questions that you need to answer before you participate.

When you submit a photo for a photography contest, you must be very critical of your entry. Try to see the positives and the negatives. Some of the most important features in a good photography contest picture are:
- Proper lighting
- Eye pleasing colors
- Good and balanced composition
- Perfect sharpness
- Right exposure and other essential elements

These are the qualities judges scrutinize in a photograph contest entry. Photography contests have certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Contestants are required to read them carefully before participating to avoid problems.

Once you have understood the technical aspects of capturing a good photo; the next step is to understand the photo itself. The other important factors to pay attention to get the perfect photography contest winner are:
1) The photograph must convey the subject. It is vital to understand the subject and make sure the photography contest entry is able to convey the same.
2) As a good photographer, you must understand photography contests can make you famous. For that, the photography contest entry must stick to the norms yet be different. It must send the viewer in to a train of thoughts.
3) Simplistic photos have always captures the interest of the viewers and judges. A photography contest entry must relay a story visually. A simple photo must capture all the nuances of the moment, yet not be complicated to understand.
4) A prize-winning photography contest entry is the one that can evoke emotions in the viewer. They must be able to connect visual representation to the human emotions

Photography contests are held to promote good photographers. The panel of judges look for a particular photography contest entry that can speak a thousand words yet is simplistic and eye-catching. You are allowed to use any kind of camera – digital or traditional and use software tools for enhancing the picture (read contest rules!!). The photography contest entry must be aptly titled, creative and have the right balance to be winner.

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