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A lovely duet with my friend Anthony (Antauk). I live in the U. S. and Anthony lives in Great Britian; Ah! Don't cha' just LOVE the technology of computers and the internet!!!? We could not let
Tags: janniantaukjanniheadall the wayceline dionfra

college days. I woke up one morning, ah who am I kidding it was around 1 o'clock, lol, and walked outside with my guitar and the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, and I wrote this song. The song
Tags: Southern Cream Scott Greenhalgh Luke Rispin

A song that starts well, has a terrible transition from intro to verse, but comes out alrite i suppose! ah well
Tags: temporary paradise

Ah...the classic "if you can't do this one, get the f**k outta here) dance from the 'hood: The Dropback. I'm the one up on one hand on the left
Tags: dropback breakdance

Tags: Ah! Cute shorts right

Ah yea! Women
Tags: superglitch

performing in a chamber theater; the play had small vignets with dancing and Arabic and Persian poetry about flowers, love and women music in this scene: a version of the classic Ah Ya Zein
Tags: oriental dance bellydance middle eastern fant

Tags: canada

Tis tune is fah wen yuh in de clud an yuh see ah hot gal dat yuh haffi get an yuh find out she likes yuh to and want more time to to... well de nite just begun
Tags: Gonna Be

, but to no avail. It stayed there, haunting me for nearly half a year. But finally, on the "third time...", I got it. Ah....now I can sleep again
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

~Ah! Finally a place to rest from a life of certain hard work
Tags: heavy equipmentsepianatural landscape

it may be used as evidence against ? Yea, I had called the cops because ?. Anywho, when I got home, it was gone. Never heard from the cops. My name is Jason. chic-chic-chic, ah-ah-ah... It was a FOOT
Tags: sword night machete weapon stoop mystery co

! (Doov: ah, cool!) Shakin' that thing from side to side! (Doov: I wish I had a car like Phil) :P I like to trick it out (Doov: He likes to trick it out) Cuz it's my ride! (Doov: Yeah! Yeah!)(Doov
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

This passions stronger (this passion's stronger) Than i could ever hope to be Baby babe Ah dont stop the fight (don't stop the fight) It'll be alright (it'll be alright) Brothers

... and I do sing the bass line in very few places in this song... just on "AH..." no words. :) I play trumpet and trombone as well
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing comic nascar sports v

Just Ah lil-bit
Tags: hot

Ah, the beauty of the iris
Tags: Irises flowers blooming spring

Haylie Flowers
Tags: Haylie

A poem from a broken time between two
of this hand Sweet love stood in demand Love of the soul that was so sweet found out this bitter man. Ah the Bitter, as it seemed not know a time for say. For if might try one must believe that time
Tags: The Bitter Sweet Pat Doherty Candice Dawursk