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: I've see this life pass before me Time and time again I've seen these movie on an airplane I want to fast forward it to the end 3: I see the junkie on the side walk
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

Airplane pictures are the best - you can never go wrong
Tags: clouds

Another airplane shot - obviously fudged around with this one
Tags: airplane sky

4th of July, some random kid
Tags: child night


Taken with a digital camera
Tags: airplane old woods exploring

In an airplane above the clouds, watching the sunset
Tags: clouds sky hoizon sunset above

Even the smallest of glimpses in Nature are of bea
Tags: airplane jet sky outdoors scenery beauty majesty

Sunset Flight
Tags: sunset airplane flight

Twilight > amazing.
Tags: twilight bella forks cullens swan edward stephenie meyer washington airplane

5'x5' oil, acrylic, latex, gesso and pencil constr
Tags: b-17 Mustang WW2 WWII fighter airplane Cabe bomber

Portrait of Japanese ww2 fighter ace Saburo Sakai
Tags: WW2 WWII Japan Japanese Samurai Ace Fighter Airplane Mitsubishi Sakai Zero Zeke Pacific Cabe dogfight Wildcat Grumman F4F Hellcat

oil paint and pencil on 5x5 ft broken wood
Tags: WW2 WWII German Luftwaffe messerschmitt me-109 ju88 junkers bomber battle war Ace Fighter Airplane Cabe dogfight warbird

Portrait of US ww2 fighter ace Urban Drew 2001. Oi
Tags: Mustang WW2 WWII fighter airplane Cabe dogfight warbird Urban Drew Germany

planting rice seed from the air central ark. this
Tags: ag cat aircraft airplane

pics from ina plane
Tags: airplane clouds

The path of an airplane is carved across the sky in this 16 second open exposure shot. The plane's landing lights create the line of trajectory while the strobes on its wings are marked
Tags: plane aviation night photography sky exposure

An airplane flies in to the clouds, but it appears to be flying into the flames of a huge fire. This is exactly as it appeared...no photoshop to change or enhance colors
Tags: clouds airplane sky

This is the updated version of a digital piece I c
Tags: girl fiction science airplane mustang pin-up P-51