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this is created with Apophysis and CS3
Tags: red fire orange abstract Apophysis

with Apophysis overlay & vector characters
Tags: red green blue orange black white numbers c

I just recently got Apophysis and I love it!!!! This is one of the first fractals I've created
Tags: fractal paradigm pinks sanguine addiction

Another of my Apophysis creations, reminds me of a Phenix
Tags: fractal phenix apophysis sanguine addiction photo

Fractals obsess me as an artist. This one has alwa
Tags: fractal apophysis abstract

This is a piece that was started in Apophysis and then taken through photo editing software to get to the final outcome of what I call the Abstract Stranger. It reminds me of a Revolutionary War
Tags: Revolutionary WarSoldierabstractDigital Fractal

Fractal inspired using Apophysis to make the wing design. Using both illustrator and photoshop I made the flower and added the background. What do you guys think? Comments are appreciated, have
Tags: Space Solar Flower Bloom Fractal

Working with Apophysis, photoshop & illustrator, and some photos. Thanks to my sister who took the photo of the blue flower
Tags: Fractal Blue Flower

Having some fun with Apophysis and Photoshop. Have a great day everyone
Tags: Apophysis Flower Orange Flower Attractive

Look Into My Eye Having some fun with Apophysis 7X, Photoshop & Illustrator. Have a great day everyone
Tags: Apophysis Fractal Eye

Apophysis 7x and photoshop. I was inspired by the Sun. A stars life cycle, a newborn star and a dying star, hope you enjoy. Have a safe and wonderful day, comments or critiques are welcome
Tags: Apophysis7x Photoshop Sun Flare Newborn Dying

Using Apophysis7x, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Bla
Tags: Apophysis Fractal Photoshop Black Matter Lighting

Apophysis 7X and photoshop. Started with the idea of a peacock, with their magnificent plumage, this what it evolved into. Thanks for viewing, any comments or critiques, have a safe and wonderful day
Tags: Apophysis7X Photoshop Fractal Peacock Fairy F