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This is a drawing I did at work to kill time!
Tags: monster shonsta sean gordon comic drawing pencil bats scary horror

'im so gothic i shit bats' im not gothic or in any way amused by being a satan worshiper. dont worry
Tags: batman goth weird folklore angel demon

hand drawn, scanned and colorized in photoshop
Tags: illustration cartoon eyeball bats

oil on canvAS BOARD 16X20
Tags: sexy/witch/bats/gothic

this is a design for a clothing line i design for
Tags: fairy bats vampire photomanipulation photoshop clothing design

Prismacolor on Paper, 2.5" x 3.5"
Tags: Painting Prismacolor Pencil Bats Animals

Tags: Bats

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
the place I still have the pictures and on one of the days we went to these in side caves that had bats and ice sickles hanging from the top of the ceilings it was dark and creepy to me but of coarse I
Tags: this book is a work in progress

in the dark with you We see lots of interesting things Trap door spiders bats with big, big wings When I'm walkin' in the park in the dark with you Walkin' in the park in the dark with you
Tags: Rock Phoenix Arizona Canal Park Southwest deser

A book I wrote about a young wallaby and it's moth
. With that everyone started explaining the differences between wallabies, flying foxes, kookaburras and frill neck lizards as they all settled in for an afternoon nap. Bats can fly, but they are not birds. Bats
Tags: Childrens book picture book educational

A Christmas/Halloween seen
Tags: orangebatsskulls

Flying Skulls with Bats
Tags: Halloween Art Skuls Bats Halloween

A large number of bats flying in front of a full moon
Tags: Halloween Art Halloween Bats

An Orange skull on a background of Bats
Tags: Halloween Art Halloween Skulls Bats

The Grim Reaper watches a number of Bats fly past the full moon in a graveyard on Halloween Night
Tags: Graveyards The Grim Reaper Halloween Halloween

Jim Colyer writes about the New York Yankees!
runs in 1927 and 714 total were records that stood through baseball's golden age. Ruth's home runs to at bats ratio still stands. Lou Gehrig, for all his greatness, played in the shadow of Ruth
Tags: New York Yankees Jim Colyer Michael Colyer New

Bats flying in a rippling sunset
Tags: Screensaver Bats

Nifty awesome bats
Tags: bats halloween

Wanted to do a vampire like humanoid creature.
Tags: concept art creature design character design di

( to keep from falling over in my heels...Ha!), tatoos I designed myself ( little bats and bees with hearts ) which include stars trailing along the side of my face and a custom designed headpiece
Tags: SteamPunk Wedding BeeBat TDC Seattle fun love