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emerald smile unveiled the hidden realms of an illusive Walhalla: 'Nymph Of My Soul, open unearthly gates to Rapture... Beyond our trystic union lies a Nuptial Eden... Don't run, Blue Syren
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

Bride Look into the face of your Flawless Self I can see your True Beauty a vatic wholeness beyond duality, You, untamed, timeless Abyss of Change, spiraling serpent wisdom easing its
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

In Britain we are being taken over by these things. Why people here buy them is beyond me in most cases. I nearly got run off the road a few years ago by one of these quarter wits and wrote
Tags: four by four moorons arrogant gits

Tags: hand banner ruined

looking over the edge
Tags: blue white log sky mountian view dirt cliff

Tags: chucky hollywood kodak theatre sex in costum

Singing the classic "Beyond the Sea" at a Jazz Show/Dance
Tags: Beyond the Sea Caitlin Timmins

This picture of a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo was captured on the North Coast, a native of Australia these majestic creatures can live for up to 50 years and beyond. I have been watching this pair
Tags: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/finder/display.cfm

from my sketch book...all I can do as I recovery f
Tags: Owl healing door in sky fantasy

Irony From Beyond theGrave
Tags: dark humorironicstrangeblack humordeathdying

Love Beyond Measure!!! Maraya
Tags: Maraya Pop Singing Romance Love

This is a cover piece for my comic Beyond Human™ which encapsulates characters from the first graphic novel
Tags: Art black and white line art brush and ink

Tags: life finds a way

This image is based on life experiences. The compo
Tags: paintings paint oilsmix media canvas bikes l

Inspirational Poetic Art image - entitled Stretch My Wings. This piece challenges every woman to embrace their soul and soar beyond their expectations
Tags: pastel drawing woman inspiring art poetry

. In this one, I like how the shadows are just beyond him. The photo is affected by this natural light/shade relationship, but he walks in the sunlight
Tags: 9/11 Memorial American patriotic Statehouse C

me judging an event in mexico city 2008
Tags: beyond the border

These are just some samples of my work.
Tags: comicssuperheroesillustrationdrawing

i wrote this after my assault
Tags: folk