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This is now hanging up at the Gary Bowling's House of Art in Bluefield, WV. It is also apart of the Swirls series that I did over the summer
Tags: Oil Abstract Portrait

Painting of a man praying. Here you are looking up from underneath a man praying. This is a particular favorite of many and is up at Gary Bowling's House of Art
Tags: Abstract

At the bowling alley in Lakewood, Ohio one day. Found this to be rather enticing- yet in bad taste. The image, anyway. Not a whole lot to tell past that. It speaks for itself all too easily. I'll
Tags: menu food letters disgusting disguising fetis

After the most recent wedding the wedding party went bowling, in their tux's and dresses
Tags: Bowling bride groom after party wedding

VOLUNTEER ________________ In Your community. Take a psychiatrist Bowling! Have you Hugged your tree today! You can Sea: That I
Tags: art humor fun mental illness Sarah Burk

On a night where Mitch, Deep Fryed Mojo's outstanding keyboardist was absent due to the flu...The rest of the boys made the show go on at the 'Silver Strike bowling Lanes' in Gardnerville Nevada
Tags: Who Do You Love The Doors New riders of the p

My number one job with couples is helping them fin
or play bowling together. Whatever you do, do not talk about your breakup with your friends. Your goal is to forget about your ex and not to remember again. Put more energy to your work at the office
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
friends, Ralph. We walkedover to where he was sitting and started talking. Some how we stumbled across a conversation about his ex girl friend, Leah, and how they had a date over the summer. We went bowling
Tags: I love you hate you

Maddie and her friends find mysterious keys and sp
breakfast, Meea went home to go bowling with her dad. Leah went to her house to swimming with Leon (Hes also Alexs crush). Alex went to go hang out with Kids These Days: Buried Treasure 5our mom
Tags: Maddie

Tags: young hype bosses

My sister and my cousin at the bowling place. http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/kailynicole
Tags: talk child play bowling

A man travels through time and space searching for
to the suit that held spare ammunition magazines and microcomputer processors. Their helmets made them look like black bowling balls with red eyes. Fox stifled the urge to laugh at their appearance
Tags: Science Fiction

Waiting on my turn to bowl
Tags: no one

Bowling Green, KY HAIRSPRAY -street Nashville, TN Toyota-event/tradeshow Nashville, TN David Matthews Band -street Bowling Green, KY Patron-bar Nashville, TN Cazadores
Tags: Merrida blonde female actress model dancer s

This is Mitch's Work history
acting, volleyball, soccer, exercise, weightlifting, swimming, running, biking, mountain climbing, archery, rollerblading, roller-skating, ice-skating, bowling, billiards
Tags: Mitch Guy

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
, space and the effect is what we call gravity. We use the analogy of a trampoline, bowling ball and marble. A bowling ball on a trampoline bends it. A marble will move toward the ball but will orbit
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

me at the bowling alley with some friends from my church
Tags: facebook.com

Photographed- Panorama shot of River Walk Bridge in Bowling Green, KY
Tags: panorama

My latest resume as of 12/17/09
Volleyball, Aerobics, Track & Field, Bowling, Basketball, Equestrian, Swimming, Snorkeling, Canoeing, Rowing, Hiking Comedy, Drama, Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, Voiceover, Narration, Character Voicing
Tags: resume

t-shirt designed for a sales function
Tags: T-Shirt design