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Picture of my pugs trying to catch the fish in my pond
Tags: pug dog fishing pond fish

I was fortunate to catch this beautiful Yellow Headed Black bird in this Olive tree
Tags: yellow head black bird olive tree

I tree I see almost every day at my kids' preschool. I was lucky enough to catch it on a foggy day
Tags: treebigtallfoghaze

this beautiful farm against the Vermont sky really caught my eye and hope it will catch everyone elses
Tags: landscape of farm

Short story of one of my days
he was younger his grandfather would taken him fishing & taught him the only way to catch a good fish was with your own bait..unlike today where you go buy it,you would dig it up yourself or make
Tags: S.Staley

just a small writing of thoughts
174167.txtIn my eye....In my eyes I see a better me or do I??I always wonder...if I turn my back while I was looking in the mirrordoes it make a face at me?I'll never know cuz I try to catch
Tags: S.Staley

These two humming birds were giving me quite a show, zooming, dive bombing each other, this was a lucky catch of both in action... not exactly a perfect composition
Tags: varoom a zoom nature hummingbirds

Performing "The Lottery" in a one act festival. This is a bit from Jack Wilkin's entrance -- possibly the most difficult part of the production because I can't catch a football and our off-stage
Tags: one act The Lottery Jack Wilkins

First time modeling. Ad I did for catch 22 clothing company. Shot in San Fransisco
Tags: Trace Tracie Cotta Tracer stunna shades catc

Leslie Scott is a famous yet humble and inspirational dance/choreographer/person and I was so fortunate to catch her class. Credits to Boogiezone for the filming of all their classes
Tags: leslie scott group 5 black sweatshirt boogie

"Can't Catch Yesterday" is about remembering that first touch, that first kiss, that spark that made you feel as if you could conquer the world with that special someone
Tags: Rock Music

One of my stand up videos.....This was the first
Tags: corey forrester comedy catch country southern stand up pregnancy test

I stand on the poolside towards the end of the commercial as the guy falss in the pool. You must have the eyes of a Ninja to catch me
Tags: Shiseido Maquiage Ebihara Shinohara

The Flier for the after party. Catch me under MC's
Tags: Blackwallstreet Juice The Game Japan Tokyo Yo

I wrote this a long time ago (probably in the mid/late 80's) and all I can remember about writing is how sometimes my fingers would catch on fire as I played it. (Just kidding.) It's a "fast" piece
Tags: guitarsoloinstrumentalnewageoriginalTharp

Tags: babsR&B.rnbsoulhiphop

Sometimes a Cupid plays hard to catch As he always got new couples to match. Ana C. Antunes
Tags: fabric cloth painting canvas acrylic

Wolverine gets caught trying to get some jailbait.
Tags: To Catch Chris Hansen Dateline NBC Predator Super Wolverine Xmen Hugh Jackmen Comics Marvel

The Dark Knight faces his greatest challenge in Ch
Tags: To Catch A Predator Dateline NBC Chris Hansen Batman DC Comics Dark Knight

Mario walks into our undercover house, butt naked.
Tags: Super Mario Bros Wii Nintendo Video Games R