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Some days it pays to go to the laundry mat... I go
Tags: bird 4-28-09

Tags: Cedar Waxwing

14' tall cedar log craved with the head of shiva as depicted by dharma barsotti, the male side is representative of fire and the female side of water
Tags: totem polesculpturewood carvingcarving

A great place to be on a warm fall day..
Tags: Cedar lakefall scene

Hand carved from a mixture of red cedar , english holly, and bigleaf maple, this mask has been painted with acrylics and an oil and wax combination
Tags: carving sculpture masks wood blue

with the intimidating creatures. This piece was handcarved using red cedar, deer antler, mountain goat hide, painted with acrylics and an oil and wax combination
Tags: Norwegian wood carving sculpture mask paint

The White Raven was hand carved from red cedar, acrylic paint, rabbit fur and an oil and wak finish. Sorry this peice has been sold
Tags: raven carving wood white Northwest Coast

Handcarved from yellow cedar this one of a kind mask is a representation of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of life , death and re-birth. This mask features deer antler, horse hair, acrylic paint
Tags: wood sculpture mask wall mask face snake horns hair yellow cedar

This mask is handcarved from alder, maple twigs, cedar bark, acrylic paint and an oil and wax finish
Tags: Wood Carving mask tree

the spring came and the leaves began burst forth from the oak, this became the ruling time of the mighty oak. Hand carved from red cedar this mask features pounded copper leaves, acrylic paint and an oil
Tags: oak leaves face mask wall hanging green brow

Belenos is the Celtic sun god. This mask was made from red cedar, pounded copper, horse hair and acrylic paint
Tags: Belenos sun god celtic knotwork painting oran

The bear headress is modelled after traditional headwear that was worn during potlaches or dances to portray the bear spirit. This piece is made from red cedar, pounded copper inlay, bear fur
Tags: bear northwest coast wood carving

The raven is the most important character in Northwest Coast Mythology. This raven is made from red cedar, pounded copper, feathers, horse hair and acrylic paint. This piece has a moveable lower jaw
Tags: raven carving wood northwest coast black feat

This mask was made from red cedar, yellow cedar, abalone type shell,and acrylic paint. The size of this mask was the actual size of a leaf I found while out walking
Tags: maple leaf mask wood carving

Handcarved from red cedar, painted with acrylics and features feathers and an oil and wax finish
Tags: eagle wood carving celtic painted feathers

Cedar Glen Fire
Tags: Macro

Must be at least 100 years old of a chest,[this one was built in March 1880] no cedar chests, since they weren't made in the 19th century
Tags: steamboat chest

edited view of a mountain with star burst and clou
Tags: cedar city

Jus looking at the gray sky- forget that it's a bl
Tags: amusement park coaster cedar point sandusky thrill

A 2' by 3' portrait mask carved from second growth, red cedar. The headdress is made from an actual deer skull, the bear claw crown is carved yellow cedar and each claw has a different emotional face
Tags: shaman wood carving Northwest Coast protrait mask wood antler cedar