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writing about spirit
cant touch something you cant feel break us from this endless pit kill our selves and release the chains that keep us shackled in our brains Kill our selves means the ego not the body
Tags: poetry poem art writing dismay

This is our backup singer singing lead from Emerge
Tags: Tangled in Chains

the freedom of a thousand worlds, My One True Love Unclothed and Alive, tear your mortal chains; give in to the Truth of my stare, the grass of my eyes; flow with the rhythm of my touch
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Tags: Chains dark gothic alone art photography woman emotional

An object that is believed to have magical or spir
Tags: Fetish Culturephotography art

Chains, Black dress
Tags: Black

Tags: window

"Bound by these chains I cannot move...I have waited four years...and yet...my only friend is a spider...caught in one of the groves....The blood leaks from my body day and night...The day I break
Tags: Chained Bound Malus Blood Vampire Leader fou

Coffin is made out of hardboard, painted with acrylic paint. Coffin opens up and the lid is held fast by chains to keep it from extending past level
Tags: weird strange useless art

original image size 200mm x300mm. Drawn on 120gsm
Tags: fetish drawing black and white erotica illustr

Enlarged crop print from original drawing Maria in chains
Tags: fetish erotica legs portrait black and white

Mike Inez
Tags: guitar rock Mike Inez Alice in Chains

Taken on the U.S.S. American Victory. In Tampa, Fl
Tags: chains rust

in chains , embrace
Tags: drawing art

...his head was full of plans and ideas, unfortuna
Tags: Weije anchored down anchor chains heavy weight battleship

A song about someone who was kept in chains by the devil but is set free by Jesus
Tags: Christian Rock Praise Worship

me spinning fire chains (poi
Tags: fire dancer fire poi poi asraiya fire spinning

www.myspace.com/exileasylum www.myspace.com/azuri
Tags: modelinggothgothicazuriahphoenixexileasylumdarkbasementchainsknifefive finger death punchnever enough13vampireblack

by unmerciful Time! But, in response to the clatter, we surface Compelled to keep Monday from loss. Drinking coffee, held fast to the chains of the morning, we tremble. Unwilling to live, yet unable to win
Tags: art poetry depression mental illness Sarah Bur