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. The purpose of this demo is to demonstrate my skills in using Yankee and gangster voices
Tags: home alone 2 lost in new york angels with

Book of poems I wrote back in december
you, maybe Id get through this A whisper in the wind blowing through the dying trees The sound of 1000 voices calling out to me This broken, winding path leading me away Even through the darkness
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

My latest resume as of 12/17/09
(2009) Sacred Pain: The Heroines Journey (2009) Leaden Skies (2009) Dance:Accents:Athletic Skills:Performance Skills:Voices InternationalDefense Information SchoolWebsites: Profile/Stats: Modeling
Tags: resume

Bill performs on Effin Funny with his impressions and character voices. In this clip, Bill Cosby and a 1930's Prison Movie
Tags: Bill Chott Bill Cosby Gangster Overeaters Anony

a family of satanist terrorize tourist who travel
Scene Structure: Death tour The end Character profile
Tags: satanisttouristsrituals

with my Toby character singing (remember, all voices are me voice acting). This is also the highest I have ever sang with that voice!!! :) I don't think it sounds too good, but I don't know. Hear
Tags: hard rock athiest vs christian jesus christ

with a deeper course voice like the lead singer of Skillet... so I decided to try and go with my Toby character singing (remember, all voices are me voice acting). This is also the highest I have ever
Tags: hard rock athiest vs christian jesus christ

But for the most part, the voice I use the most in this song (my Phil voice) is actually my natural singing voice... I just add a little accent. :) I also don't use my "Lil' Boe" character as a singer in songs much
Tags: faith athiest vs christian jesus christ God

sing, because I believe I can sing. I just love the sound of the T-Pain effect... especially for my cartoon voices. This song sounds as if it's written for girlfriend in the boy's perspective without
Tags: cartoon band "boy band" T-Pain auto-tune G-S

immensely), and this including one, actual, voice-over role, for an evil villain named "Raddic", for a character (an evil villain) who wore a mask. And then when I was on the set for one
Tags: Acting voices voice voice-acting voice-over accents characters funny voice-artist imitations cartoons

This is a demo reel of various character voices for animation or video games
Tags: Animation Video Games Character Voices