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beautiful child
Tags: children

Short Story on life in my home with children
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Short story of life at home~
the children inside this christmas eve day. For they say we'll eat them with such glee..but 5 batches of cookies,we shall see! I still haven't found my shoes in all this time,maybe there up and walking
Tags: By sheryl Staley

Nitemare's of kids in the home~
****these Nitemares are only stories, I create to be entertaining...I hope you enjoy them. And as your dear owner sneaks in the back door....the 4 children relize the computer is being used by her
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Not one of my best shots but atleast I got them all to laugh..my two children and friends
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
!!!! As I went out to take my children home on a sunday afternoon..oh no , oh dread, my car door is locked...the ice has frozen them shut...so what do we do in a flash...boil that water and down the door
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my children when they were young to help them fall asleep
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
children, be careful when you open each page. I know that I got that bugger,but you never know with fairy people they could still be alive! I am absolutely certain it would be subdued thought. After
Tags: S. Staley

Writing on a mothers life
down..thenthe next day it starts all over.Lunches to make,dinner is cooking..how about those holidays..God Lord who's coming?One day the children do grow & you think your done..oh Heck no! They still
Tags: S.Staley

just thoughts..short writing poem
. Is this the reason our children are lazy? Cell phones LOL...never had them either..you were given a time limit on the phone then you were cut off. I look at my children today & wonder if my parents looked at me
Tags: S.Staley

A poem
do this also..we transform each day..from small babies , children ,young adults, last to adults..the beauty is from within us... We go from crying & not being able to do anything for ourselves
Tags: S.Staley

child/angel merged into a church
Tags: churchchildangeldesignphotography

A friends little girl jumping in the pool
Tags: water splash children

This is Goldie and friends, swimming in the lake w
Tags: water aquatic fish goldfish plant life colorful bubbles cartoon children's spiritinme fusco art

An impression of an afternoon, with children playing on the swings
Tags: cheerful playful impressionism impressionist

© 2006 Matthew Burton & Co
Tags: asian oriental petite nude music video artis

See all the children stand in line/ they're raised to be the perfect crime/ all your friends go to my funeral, they all know who's been dying (a serene ocean howl
Tags: Cult of Skulls Dave Rush Thomas Wright punk ro

Children play in the leaves on a subtle fall day in Idaho Falls, Id
Tags: leaves fall

Little boy watching the ocean
Tags: Ocean children