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Re-wrote this with another guitar and added some chorus to experiment a bit with things
Tags: Acoustic

Me and Tech on the track...Tech on beat..and on verse 1 and 2 and chorus...me on the last verse
Tags: Hip-Hop

Did the chorus and the verse you hear for a homie a couple years ago. thinking about making it a full length track
Tags: Love R&B Slow

Just me spittin a few bars an chorus
Tags: John Jones-DaBuRna

This is a song we did in 06, i fink its prob or worst recorded one sound wise, i.e. the guitars to quiet, i think anyway. still nice interlude and chorus i suppose. shame bout the verses, we must
Tags: Fugitive Urban Battalion Crap lol

This is me just singing the chorus of the nivea song called "Don't mess with the radio" on my computer
Tags: niveadon't mess with the radio

went too far-I got balls as big as The Death Star-(Chorus)-Death Star, in a galaxy far far away-Death Star, f^#k with me and it's bombs away-Death funk metal, and you're under attack-I'm a funkin Empire
Tags: Star wars the jedi pimp rock metal industria

It is a song that I sang in chorus. It is just to show one of my skills which is singing
Tags: classical choose to stand giovanna

Now The Silence Cuts Me Like A Switchblade Knife Chorus: I Said Sometimes Nobody's Right Sometimes Nobody's Wrong I Said Sometimes Things Don't Work Out And It's Time To Move On I
Tags: bluesrockmusicmp3sblues musicbuck69toledooh

this is just part of the song (1st verse and chorus). Sorry the audio is so bad! I recorded it with a cell phone
Tags: taylor swft cover

This is a very rough recording of the chorus and bridge of a song I am writing. Please do not judge it too harshly, as the recording equipment and software that I have available to me are rudimentary
Tags: Christian Music Vocal Female

just the chorus of a song i'm workin
Tags: voiceonly

just laughed and you walked out the door Chorus: Maybe when we're older maybe when we're old we'll meet again you'll touch me on the shoulder and grin Verse 2: Well maybe when we meet again
Tags: Matt Sevrens Original Song Acoustic Maybe Wh

Cd Album: Don't cry for me Available on Itunes (music & videos) Lyrics (Chorus) Asians don't love me. Is it a cultural thing? I don't know maybe, maybe someday. But right now I must say. (Repeat
Tags: reh dogg love asians

This is a very brief cover I did on Evanescence's song "Lacrymosa" (and yes, I'm quite aware where it came from, but the chorus just wouldn't leave my head...XD). Enjoy. o.O
Tags: Cover Blame It On Me

I produced this and am the first verse as well as the chorus. My friend Q Mac is the 2nd verse. Skips in some areas due to backup cd being scratched
Tags: Just Like Me rap

Artist: First Konvict then Tech-Lizzy No chorus just strait lyrics for you
Tags: Konvict tech lizzy hamilton ontario canada ste

up to my eyes to hide, every broken dream I’ve chased that show up in my eyes When you finally spoke you said where’s home I said it could be anywhere a Midnight Coach would go (Chorus) I didn
Tags: Midnight Coach to Globe Arizona Boulevard Countr

is about seeing chances pass you by and along with them friends and also the way people can make you feel through assumptions of you its easy to repeat the chorus when i first played it couldnt stop
Tags: fast cool riff

sometimes choose to be a loner and when you have kids you cant be that way. the chorus you looked up at me began to smile you looked up to me i was staring down like a child looks up to their parents. head
Tags: intense