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Short story of life at home~
..everything I grab before the dog eats it off the floor! And Santa better show up this year,we baked to many cookies for us to share...maybe the dog and cat will eat them I say,which gets a holler from
Tags: By sheryl Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
it before our beddy bye time,we don't want to over indulge because our bellies would hurt so badly we won't sleep & that just isn't good...so milk & cookies will do or a lite snack is best
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A stupid girl (me) drinking mouth wash and eating oatmeal cookies. NOTE: I did not really drink it! Please don't try it at home (under 13), it can be dangerous
Tags: stupid girl stupid girl cookies mouth wash listerine shellz jashele stupid girl project stupid videos oatmeal cookies oatmeal cookies

loving husband who was in the background eating cookies and watching Silent Hill, kept butting in, and my Oscar is totally out the window now. Thanks man. Can you count how many times he asks me what
Tags: Laura lilevilkitty stupidness

This painting is a visual representation of the al
Tags: orange spider cookies cookie clock mixed media

Cookie Monster...
Tags: photography cookie cookiemonster san diego

homemade snickerdoodle cookie and a glass of milk.
Tags: cookies milk

Published in Stirring Magazine
Tags: B&w published girl scouts of america cher ferro

one of my Instrumental tunes in the style of Steve
Tags: Arttunea Jonathan Elias Parker Jon Parker John

This is what he does in his alone time
Tags: cross dressing Food Cookies bikini

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
at a complimentary table filled with snacks, cookies, cakes and even soda pop. I stood near the hanger and watched him. He would look around as if he was a thief. It said ' And underneath it. Said '. I knew
Tags: story twilightish stuff

Nostradamus Hugo Pegley Emerald 3/9/09 Nostradamus was born on December 14, like me. For his birthday, Id buy him a lifetime supply of fortune cookies, and a crystal ball. I would take him
Tags: Writing

Maddie and her friends find mysterious keys and sp
compared to her (I have red hair). Im still learning how to be a sister and I really enjoy having her as a sister. We do have some problems. She thinks soda, kool-aid, cookies, gum, hair bows, every
Tags: Maddie

This is a song I wrote for a friend about milk and cookies
Tags: Cookies

Watching deer with my granddaughter
, thinking about cookies. Our herd was out in full force, dutifully nipping the heads off the dandelions. Nearly every morning, the yard would be awash with yellow flowers. By nightfall, nothing remained
Tags: deer child autumn

What it means to be a "Grandmother"!
to Grandmas! Life is good again! You make cookies instead of making them eat broccoliyou can build tents out of blankets, instead of telling them to make their bedsyou can let them stay up and watch a silly
Tags: grandmothers moms kids

Cookies are Yummy
Tags: Takara Miyuki Nendoroid lunch cookie LilSeebs

-made ginger-bread cookies
Tags: Christmas Hoe Hoe Hoe kids Christmas Tree Ligh

-made ginger-bread cookies
Tags: Christmas Hoe Hoe Hoe kids Christmas Tree Ligh

-made ginger-bread cookies
Tags: Christmas Hoe Hoe Hoe kids Christmas Tree Ligh