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I wrote this when i was really depressed and shit,
Tags: Websta Rap Emotion Corruption Corr Web

HEART of the BEHOLDER has won more Best Feature Fi
Tags: censorship intolerance corruption controversial film movie sweepstakes Simpsons gay lesbian

Track from our Demo CD
Tags: Metal Echoes of the Harvest Christian Corruption

In a small New England village during the 19th cen
, all ye of Corruption! Suddenly Avery realized how loud he had become, and his voice trickled to a whisper. Watch what we do now Avery lowered the dagger with much hesitation, which clearly aggravated
Tags: Short Story

This probably one of my top three darkest, most di
has been offered to me Because you are dead I am the angel of your nightmares, The collector of your rotted bones My voice nails my corruption inside you I vomit my blood inside your core You
Tags: poetry

One of my dark poems, an older worker.
I will not curseSilver celestial corruption Before my ageless years unending The mortal martyr knows so little Yet sees so muchComprehension of the death of lifeThere is no possibility A foundling set
Tags: poetry

have built it, out of sheer hatred and greed, corruption has empowered it even more, the more we build, the worse the aftershock shall be. This is no joke, we are destined to see" worlds destruction
Tags: art abstract surrealism dada cubism impressio

corruption. It also gives appropriate legal standing for Karadzic’s attorney for immediately filing a new obstruction of social legal jurisprudence in his case based on my comments on the entire
Tags: icty criminality ratko mladic radovan karadzic

Statement about the corruption/greed in the pharmacy/medical indusrty keeping many of us legally drug addicted in a state of euphoria/semi-comatose
Tags: painting graffiti abstract expressionism politi

A man travels through time and space searching for
by. Anna Velasquez had been intelligent and very determined, ultimately taking over and successfully rebuilding a military force he had utterly destroyed for its corruption. I am the anomaly, as you
Tags: Science Fiction

nothing. The hour glass is suppose is to appear to be made of pure gold. representing a creation with out , corruption, and decay, which would latter be part of the curse the creation would
Tags: Stephen J. VattimoSurealworldart acrylic on can

http://rehdogg.bandcamp.com http://politicalbombshow.zzl.org/ Lyrics: (Verse) Political corruption, it rule the nation A new sheriff coming to town No politician is allowed, they're all too corrupted
Tags: politic patriotic conservative music video

Self portrait photography
Tags: self

We are living in very dangerous times. The reality
Tags: corruption fraud lies Jesuits U.S government fbi cia

We are living in very dangerous times. The reality
Tags: U.S. government corruption fraud lies Jesuits Jesuit order rules today control