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the voices of all of them! These members are (left to right) Lil' Boe: Keys (piano, organ, keyboard, synthesizer) Mack McDonald: Gutarist Doov Groove: Background singer, saxophonist, trombonist
Tags: band cartoon dubie brothers doovie comic mus

This is Phil Marshall! He's the lead singer and trumpet player of my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers! He named the band after his friend, Doov, and after The Dubie Brothers. He's an Australian
Tags: band cartoon brothers doovie comic music sin

, Batman" and Spongebob's is "I'm READY!" So yea... and I am all the voices in this song as well as all vocals, but pretendingly, Phil Marshall was lead vocals while Doov Groove was background
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

Marshall is the one singing the most, like at the first verse and choruses (and sounds mostly like my own natural voice), Doov is the bgv and sings the 1st half of the bridge ("More than all I want
Tags: Chris Tomlin Enough God Jesus Christ Christi

as are: Ben Mullins: This is my regular voice... because it's me. :P Doov Groove - The silly one who is somewhat knowledgeable about things, but still considered "dumb." You may find his picture in some
Tags: funny chiildish silly voice acting Doov Dube and Duf comic cartoon

! All the vocals are me, but I voice act like I'm an australian singer named Phil Marshall and another dumb dude named Doov Groove. I'm not going to go into detail with the band! Just read the info on my
Tags: Life Living Live On dreams hopes The Doovie

was in 6th grade. He still has the accent, but has been gaining the southern American accent... actually I voice act as him and I stink at Anstralian accents. Doov Groove: BGV's most of the time
Tags: cartoon band goofy crazy stupid funny silly

. :) Intro: Maria! (Phil) Maria! -flart- (Doov) Maria! (Toby) Chorus: I fell in love when we first met! (Phil) I fell in love when we first met! (Doov) I fell in love when we first met! (Toby
Tags: The Doovie Brothers latin dance Maria trumpe

played the melody with an instrument on the keyboard and this is what I came up with! I hate my voice, but I like my voice when I sing as Doov... who sings background vocals and lead during the last
Tags: Goofy cartoon band comic Christian God Jesus

at all. Just sillyness. :P And FYI, Doov Dube and Duf are 3 goofy, dumb, crazy, stupid, silly comic characters me and my cousin created when we were little
, Ill send you three of them. Inspector Groove, Duncan, and Duferson, replied the operator.Thirty minutes later, the inspectors arrived! Inspector Doov Groove at yourservice, deee! said Doov or inspector
Tags: Doov Dube Duf silly stupid funny comic cartoon story dectective mystery comedy

, and character pictures of Phil Marshall, Doov Groove, and Toby Tyball. All vocals are me, all guitars are me, and trumpet duet at beginning is me!!!! If you want to know who The Doovie Brothers are, see one
Tags: Chris Tomlin Worship song Praise music God

Doov Groove from The Doovie Brothers! Art by me, Ben! He's the background vocals, saxophonist, and trombonist for The Doovie Brothers. When listening to one of their songs, you will most likely
Tags: Silly Goofy singer cartoon comic funny band

the band in middle school on trumpet. He later met Doov and started a singing career with him as The Doovie Brothers band!!! Phil and Doov are so funny together! Doov's always farting in their songs
Tags: cartoon singer comic band rock

In my opinion, I think this song could sound better higher, because I sing sort of low in the whole song... besides the dumb echoes in the 1st chorus by Doov (or me), which I wasn't meaning to sound good
Tags: live concert worship music praise song Chris

they are, and maybe have had thoughts of wanting to kill themselves. :( The Doovie Brothers are SO cool! While "Phil" is talking, you can hear "Doov" eating beef stew in the background. :P And the reason I put
Tags: Suicide suicidal life live free silly goofy

and wife later on. Duf is from the comic created by me and my cousin Larry Wade called Doov, Dube, and Duf (very goofy/silly/stupid/funny comic). He is the mean one of the group, like Moe is in the 3
Tags: Love Song lovesong funny comic characters ca

: As a star ranger enforcing the evil in space, Ben, along with Kay, Duf, and Doov, realize the quietness of space and see that outer space is a wonderous place, never ending. An unlimited place where
Tags: sci-fi Star-Fox Star Fox Starfox music Outer

wife (with Phil and Doov singing backup to him). The left speaker is Mack on guitar, and he is the one playing the lead melodies on guitar. When I recorded myself as Mack on guitar, I played with my
Tags: love song lovesong comic cartoon silly goofy

This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers. The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band I created in my cartoon world. :P Though I say that Phil sings lead and Doov sings BGV's
Tags: cartoon band The Doovie Brothers comic silly

a man named Phil does lead vocals with Doov, it's all me doing the vocals. I just pretend I'm Phil and Doov... or voice act... hey, voice acting is a talent too. :P www.myspace.com/thedooviebros I
Tags: worship music praise song God Jesus Christ