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In the style of the late, GREAT, Patsy Cline. M
Tags: Janni Patsy Cline remixcountrykaraokemasterin

Just what's on my mind right now
love will changes..will you stay? Are the dreams real..they could be dark They could be full of joy...but we may never know. To look into your eyes..I see into your soul a deep clear sea
Tags: S.Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
met these people I'll tell you that yet they are an interesting bunch,but make my dreams so sound~ Now off to toothland to brush those pearl whites..make them shire for all to see..no holes I see
Tags: Sheryl Staley

just some thoughts
are not right!I finally do fall asleep with dreams so vivid that I can't believe that there not real...I wake in the morning,very groggy but knowing it is a new day & it's real as everything I touch
Tags: S.Staley

a photo of a 9 month old floating in his tin tub b
Tags: fantasy dreams child tin tub floating water fairy

Aug 15, 2003 It's not how beautiful I was, Lord of My Dreams... Caught between the blades of carnificial scissors, crimson fluids oozed from my body, purpurean and clear, glistening
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

? Calling? Yearning? I am Prometheus the willow weeping on Her bones and dreams. I am the Rain heart-tearing songs emerging, purified in their perfection, out of my Hell
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Title track from my CD, "Girl Of my Dreams
Tags: Girl Of My Dreams Benny S R&B Soul

Just caught your girl cheating... here's what u do
Tags: Girl Of My Dreams Benny S R&B Soul

Any one that knows me.. knows pretty eyes are a hu
Tags: Girl Of My Dreams Benny S R&B Soul

The girl of your dreams is sometimes right before your eyes
Tags: Girl Of My Dreams Benny S R&B Soul

Dieser Song ist von mir alleine
Tags: Jeany

This was written and recorded in 1 day. I wrote it
Tags: Adler Big Dreams

Nathan is haunted by dreams of a boy being involved in a car crash. Sleep takes over as he tries to find a way to become lucid and save the child. In doing so, he finds that there is much to learn
Tags: Deja Reve Deja Vu Sleep Insomnia Short Thriller Weird Dreams Dreaming

Tags: Harvest Sky

One of my new songs I just finished!
Tags: labyrinth of dreams

very quickly n ruffly recorded slo jam thing i did
Tags: metal

THE DREAMER OF DREAMS By Clay Elliott Acrylic And Ink On Canvas 24" x 36" 2006
Tags: painting portrait willy wonka gene wilder

a portrait of one of my boyfriends. done in colore
Tags: portrait multimedia indian symbolism