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my cousin drinking a frap...
Tags: decayedmatter delicious thirst thirsty trishia frappe drink drinking drinks coffee

two glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice
Tags: orange juice food and beverage fresh juicie beverage glass nature oranges healthy drinks

One evening while we were just having drinks at a beach-side bar,I noticed this sailboat in the distance and dreamed of being on it. 2007
Tags: Travel Imagery

A white swan drinks and wades on the shore of a lake. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2008
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2008 Swan nature

Just a happy man blessed with a lot of color!
Tags: colors guy geriatric red man green grandpa cocktail drinks alcohol fun sex

Came up with this package design for an energy dri
Tags: package design energy drinks graphic design

i thought it was interesting...=]
Tags: coke soft drinks dew cadillac

This was all unscripted and totally random. Oh, and i had a couple energy drinks before
Tags: mealue fahy

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
) drinks are here boys enjoy my guests await. Mike quickly met up with dena henry went for the drinks as usual conner stood there if ever there was a person who was born without the ability to blend
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

Lemon Iced Tea.
Tags: Lemon Drinks Abstract

Orange juice, Mimosas, and water...oh my
Tags: Hotel Monaco breakfast mimosas drinks

Angel sitting on a manhattan drinking a manhattan
Tags: drinks angels

Still in the works acrylic on canvas
Tags: fairies drinks

My first article from my column on Friendship.
, invite your friends to a Happy Hour after work. You can ask them for advice and in turn, you can treat them to a round or two of drinks as a thank you. Select areas that are more conducive to people
Tags: Friends Significant Others

The summer my parents divorced, my dad sent my bro
together as she poured the first of many drinks. Nobody talked that night. My mom sat quietly in the kitchen downing a bottle of Scotch and Jake hid in his room. I looked in on him once; he was curled
Tags: divorce runaway brothers teenagers fort small

What can happen in 3.9 seconds?
life. Both of their families were forever changedand it all happened in just 3.9 seconds!On a personal note: The next time that you decide to have a few drinks, or you see afriend get behind the wheel
Tags: short story

Beograd Serbia ----------------------------------
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

Ages 10 through 14 $5.00s a person From 6:00 till 8:00 Includes dance performance free drinks& food
Tags: bt

I wrote this for all mothers.
142758.txtMotherA Mother is someone who listensSomeone who caresSomeone who envisionsThe love that we share.A Mother is someone tenderSomeone so boldSomeone who uses a blenderTo serve drinks
Tags: Mother

, and we're stepping out Dance a few steps down at The Wildhorse Have a few drinks, meet a few friends When we get home, the fun begins I Love You & You Love Me I guess it always had
Tags: Jim Colyer country music Nashville