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a black bowl hair cut with a white line between it, big buck teeth, a pot belly, and a huge nose. :) And for some reason when I did his voice on this, I kept spitting everywhere. :P Ha! Duf Duferson
Tags: funny chiildish silly voice acting Doov Dube and Duf comic cartoon

at all. Just sillyness. :P And FYI, Doov Dube and Duf are 3 goofy, dumb, crazy, stupid, silly comic characters me and my cousin created when we were little
128133.txtDoov, Dube, & Duf-as-Inspector Groove, Duncan, & Duferson-in-The Legend of Dr. WartzenheimerClayton Town was an ordinary town with its ordinary people and ordinary places but lately
Tags: Doov Dube Duf silly stupid funny comic cartoon story dectective mystery comedy

there! This song is for my comic characters, Duf Duferson and Ka Lee Greene! I one day realized by the way they look and the way they both acted that they would make a great couple... and possibly husband
Tags: Love Song lovesong funny comic characters ca

of the team, Nathaniel is the ace pilot, Kay Greene is the navigator, and Duf Duferson is the mechanic. Our evil arch enemy is Kay's sister, Ka! It's a really cool comic, and this is a really cool
Tags: Star Fox Starfox Star-Fox space sci-fi

, is then heroically pursued by Ben and Duf (at minute 1:14 with the heroic brass), running her off. Knowing she's not dead, the Star-Ben team continue on the journey, also knowing they could
Tags: sci-fi Star-Fox Star Fox Starfox music Outer

: As a star ranger enforcing the evil in space, Ben, along with Kay, Duf, and Doov, realize the quietness of space and see that outer space is a wonderous place, never ending. An unlimited place where
Tags: sci-fi Star-Fox Star Fox Starfox music Outer

natural voice at the end) different characters! :D There's... Doov Groove: the one with the high silly voice. Dube Duncan: the dumb voice whom you hear first. Duf Duferson: the one with the mean
Tags: silly goofy stupid dumb funny voice acting

It's been a super long time since I've drawn these guys!!!! This is Doov Dube and Duf! Doov Groove is the one with glasses, Dube Duncan is the one with big buck teeth, and Duf Duferson is the one
Tags: goofy cartoon comic funny silly dumb stupid

I wanted to wait and draw a picture before I uploaded this, but thought I'd put it up anyway. :) This is Doov Groove, Dube Duncan, and Duf Duferson... Doov Dube and Duf (my three comic/cartoon
Tags: cartoon sky diving funny silly voice actor

to make a Doov Dube and Duf story out of it... encountering with strange beings! :P His track starts around 1:15. Clay always says we have similar senses of humor, so excuss the stupidness and gas
Tags: voice acting cartoon aliens

. It's getting crowded up with my music and pictures and things. So, here is Doov Dube and Duf (with Doovie and Lucusor) Go Camping! For those who don't know, Doov Dube and Duf are 3 cartoon characters
Tags: cartoon camping funny silly voice actor acti

. The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band, right? I realized most of my voice acting things are Doov Dube and Duf, but hardly any are Doovie Bros. So thought I'd give this a shot. The song Make Memories
Tags: who stole new years day holiday christmas 2

faces for him in comics! :D Doov Dube and Duf! YEAH! :D These guys are the real reason I got into drawing comics I believe. They were created by me and my cousins back when I was in either 4th or 5th
Tags: cartoon silly goofy crazy stupid dumb

can't sing good with Duf or Dube. I've had more practice with the Doov voice with The Doovie Brothers songs, so he sounds cool. :P Mainly just acting silly here. These three are the three voices that I
Tags: cartoon silly goofy crazy stupid dumb voice

of the girls, I'm saying "I was just here for the PAY" as one of them. It almost sounds like "I was just here for the pee." HA!!! :P Wanted to clear that up. Verse 1 (Duf): Can't take your eyes off me
Tags: goofy silly stupid dumb funny cartoon song