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An interesting shot of the sun being eclipsed by t
Tags: eclipse

My view!
Tags: solar eclipse may 20 2012 general photography

The sun set right after the solar eclipse
Tags: sunset after solar eclipse landscape photography

solar eclipse
Tags: sun eclipse solar AZ nature beauty light shadow moon

of Seraphic Reveries... Viciously ripped by the accursed Squalls of Darkness, your heart throbbed, writhed in the throes of an Unsettled War... Entombed under a moonlit eclipse, your entranced
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

Photo I took in eastern WA around
Tags: Eclipse Photography Art

1 day after the Eclipse
Tags: Moon

I wrote this piece when I got my first non-used car (Mitsubishi Eclipse) and on the way to the dealership to get a sun-roof put in, I hit a deer that completely smashed in my hood and ended up
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

Tags: by an i-pod

A random pic that turned out pretty cool
Tags: ipod twilight eclipse sara bareilles CD book black and white

A piece that has HEAVY art deco influences, but is
Tags: art deco iconic eclipse

eNuminous & Archimedes present: Meaning [Eclipse Poem With Angelic Choir], a soundpoem music video
Tags: enuminous soundpoem music mp3 video

ACEO original watercolor--Eclispe
Tags: ACEO art painting space

My only visit to the canyon,I was lucky to be there during a partial solar eclipse,which I think gives this photo a unique look. 1991
Tags: Nature Imagery

Perfect night to catch a satellite being shot down
Tags: night sky eclipse satellite cloud stars lunar

Perfect night to catch a satellite being shot down
Tags: night sky satellite eerie lunar stars moon cloud eclipse

a new beginning or fresh start
Tags: light dark

Took this picture of a lunar eclipse on the same night that a satellite was being shot down
Tags: night sky star eclipse moon satellite cloud trail dark

Screen Printed One Color
Tags: Printing Poster | The Soviet Machines | Pair of Sevens | The Engagement | Eclipse Records | stp