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It's the end of the season for this Red Poppy. I just love the clear blue sky behind it! This poppy will grow back next year. I'm always happy to see them, but the blooms have a very short life
Tags: red poppy pod

Short story of life at home~
another restless Christmas eve...it will never end..so I bid you a go away till next year...and a Merry Christmas to you and a Buh Hum Bug to the New Year!! The CryptKeeper
Tags: By sheryl Staley

What I do when I'm lonely
but inside I'm dying Some day I know it will subside Till then I'm so lonely I cry Today I hope will be the day To be understood But atleast I have a friend Who can be there till the very end. To make
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar
of our days.. the hardship,the depresion,seeing things in grey all the time,& the pills we take for days on end... The doctors we see and counseling that goes on for years... Bless our tears,grief
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
is at it's end
Tags: Sheryl Staley

one of my poems about the spirit.
Ascend Ascend my friend,you have a world to mend Ascend my friend this is not the end,spirits will rise and spirits will fall but in the end you will gather us all,take us to the chosen land lead
Tags: poet poetry art artist media

A poem on my cats...
at all~ My cats do tricks,they love to jump,run,& play with toys They even chase my dog,& beat him up when he is bad,ya know~ And I love my cats..I always will,forever till then end
Tags: S.Staley

: I've see this life pass before me Time and time again I've seen these movie on an airplane I want to fast forward it to the end 3: I see the junkie on the side walk
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

front end of a jeep, manipulated
Tags: jeepcolorsgraphics

A beautiful end of a beautiful day
Tags: sunset landscape

Sorry about the talking at the end and stuff. I did it for YouTube to address some of the haters I had on there. Also...sorry about the wall...I took all my Jonas Brothers posters down
Tags: Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are Tina Rose

Farm life in Nevada. This house is at the end of my street
Tags: farm life nevada landscape

Check it out, this is hilarious!
Tags: End of the World

Taken using a long exposure with a flash at the end to create the "ghost" effect
Tags: night portrait selfportrait outdoors lights s

...' Mollified with a yearning for a cathartic End... an unmarred Beginning, I stared Fate dead in the Eye, and flew high above the astral spheres... It's not how beautiful you were, My Love... God
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

Fan Fav!
Tags: Tomorrow's End NeuTruLize

Taken in the district of Cimiez near Nice, France.
Tags: cemetary

as a child, he was led into a challenging life. After his first confession to Father Vincente Connetti, an equally cursed man, the two become friends. Both, in the end, help each other through their pasts
Tags: New Book Cover

this is ben he used to be a good friend but it is sad to say he went a stray and our friendship came to an end marker paper love
Tags: Ben

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