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Unconsciously drawn, ravenous tears have trailed the way to you, Dream Lover, Mystic Flame irreversibly Unbound on a destined night' Then came the times I kneeled, crucified on the cross within your
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

A digital painting of a sexy elemental beauty
Tags: flame fire burn hot sexy thick curves red warm beauty

Taken at an art museum and used in my portfolio fo
Tags: light

There's magic in it--just fast-forawrd through all the guitar. You'll find something serious; I created all but one of these tricks: 1. Handheld Flame 2. Coin of Fire 3. The Switcher 4. Pencil
Tags: magic A7X flip fx

This is a trick I (think I) created, called the Golden Blade. It burns the sh** outta my hand when I hold the flame too long. There's my "Fx" logo on the side
Tags: fire hands

i have the capeability to blow flame
Tags: random

An early exploration into flame shapes, toying with skull dimensions, and monochrome shading (using a theme popular in the motorcycling community). Oh, btw, my 6-yr old thought it looked like
Tags: Automotive Urothane on steel

A cool manipulation of one photo of flame
Tags: Flame collage abstract patten

Close up of sparkler.
Tags: Fire Flame

Remake of Elvis's classic with mostly my own words
Tags: Elvis Presley oldies classic rock guitar vocal

Acrylic on canvas. Spirit of fire. The spirit of flame. Absolute freedom. Never tame
Tags: abstract fire red elemental primal

I love to draw fire
Tags: Fire

This is a "sand out" stain job I did. The top is figured "flame" or "curly" maple
Tags: guitar stain color wood

This is a "stain fade" stain job I did. It's all hand applied water color stain fading from crimson red to bright yellow across the "flame maple" top
Tags: stain wood guitar water color

A digital maipulation of a large bunch of orange flame azalea blooms from this past spring
Tags: Flame azalea spiral abstract colors

I was jus doin me spittin dat hot fire
Tags: B.P.P Big Pay-Per Flame Free Dollaz Paperboy.FreeDollaz rap Detroit

a trax wit me n a couple members of my group goin
Tags: B.P.P Big Pay-Per Flame Free Dollaz Paperboy.FreeDollaz rap Detroit

Me Freestylin on a beat I made
Tags: B.P.P Big Pay-Per Flame Free Dollaz Paperboy.FreeDollaz rap Detroit

shot of fire flame
Tags: flamefire