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one of our newest songs. The song is based off of just trying to survive. Lyric: 1: I see a girl on the corner She's waiting for the next man She reaches into her pocket
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

Song written in college with my college band. Looking for feedback on the song itself mostly. Song-writing, lyrics, etc
Tags: Accoustic Song Scott Lenox The Fast Eddie Band Guitar

off of my CD Trucks Trucks Trucks, a song about a Semi Driver trying to get into traffic and get home
Tags: Hillbilly Fast Country Trucks Trucks Trucks

Fast and full of wit. You split the Sheets and I'll through in the towell. Love is Grand but divorce can be a hundred Grand
Tags: Humor divorce up-tempo Original song Trucks Trucks Trucks

what our whole team is like. Really fast paced, tons of clips and it took a long time to edit. Featuring: Chris Andersen Ian Andersen Sean Babas Giovanni Dinelli (guest) David Suckstorff Alex
Tags: Freerunning Parkour 3Run Tricking Street Stun

This song somewhat showcases the agility of speed which I have. This is older..2000 - 2001. I am much better now. Once again I always produce my own tracks and create my own graphics
Tags: fast twist rap music flow

A happy instrumental rock song - very rhythmic, seemingly chaotic in a garageband sort of way
Tags: upbeat instrumental rhythmic guitars happy rock driven pulsing racing fast resolute steadfast strong powerful

A song about the end of a relationship. Slower music backed with fast words and what most believe a unique sound influenced by bands like Matchbox 20, Hootie and the Blowfish, And others. I have yet
Tags: love acoustic singer song writer

played this at moes bar and grill once. this was a cowrite with my cuz hailey. we were sitting there and it just hit the recording is actually from that same night i like its intensity. this song
Tags: fast cool riff

Artist: Carlito Billz Album: Tax Return Song: Gravity Man yess da gravity man da gravity man call me da gravity man da gravity man when it go down there's gunna be a tragedy fam so u aint
Tags: Carlito Billz Gravity Harlem New York Rap

Song 3, The Title Track from Christopher Leigh's second CD released from No Cover Records in 2008
Tags: Gotta Boogie Boogie Blues Fast Song Christopher Leigh Boogie Chillens

A fast and upbeat song, you haven't heard anything like this. (recorded about 2 weeks ago, wow I really have to start writing down the dates that I record
Tags: Flowers in my hand and rocks in my shoe

This song got one comment on acidplanet.com that really encouraged me! The person who listened to it really got a kick out of it! He said it did sound like something fast! Anyway, this is written
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-

PLEASE NOTE, this is not my "normal" style of music writing! I don't have much of an interest for Hip-Hop music, but I do like this song! (at least I don't rap) This is a really nice sounding song I
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

This is a song I wrote for a comic of mine called Rocket-X. See my other song "Rocket-X Theme Song" for more information on the comic. This is a love song I wrote for 2 characters on Rocket-X
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing nascar sports video g

This song is also a song written for a character on my rocket-X comic! (see the Rocket-X Theme for more about it) The character's name is Tommy Boomer. He goes by "Boomer," or Boomerang. He's always
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing comic nascar sports v

This is another song I wrote for a character on my comic Rocket-X (see the theme for more about the comic itself). I wrote this for a character named Pete Smith! He's the brother of Terry Smith
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing comic cartoon nascar

This is a fast paced, electric, terrible live recording of a song called only... enjoy... We tend to either open or close with this upbeat get the crowd jumpin song
Tags: Release '08

another old song...from my more gang related years
Tags: jeffraphiphopfastlyricsgangcripbloodlatinkingebkbkslobfolkgdsd

A song about a fast life style,in a even faster car
Tags: INFE it's never fast enough by dav