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? Calling? Yearning? I am Prometheus the willow weeping on Her bones and dreams. I am the Rain heart-tearing songs emerging, purified in their perfection, out of my Hell
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Illoquints Album "First Born
Tags: Fenni Casino

This was the first EVER song that I recorded on my own. It's basically about letting go of all the worries in your life for a short time and allowing yourself to be free
Tags: In The Rain

another of our earliest recordings, the first one to feature slide guitar
Tags: platte river rain

Epic Trance mix recorded on 02/13/09 Tracklist: First State - Sierra Nevada (Prince De Sad Remix) Niklas Grosswald & Soundbite - Sparkles (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide - Accelerate (Original
Tags: Trance Mix DJ

We won a cruise to Bermuda in April of 2007. It was the first cruise of the year. Well, it rained the entire time we were in Bermuda
Tags: rain flower Bermuda

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
and grabbed the first clean shirt and pants I could find. Then I went to the bathroom and set a cool shower and further rubbed my eyes. Once the burning ceased I got out and dressed. I deposited my
Tags: story twilightish stuff

my first canvas
Tags: krickette klinsbeck rain canvas painting art love paris

My first roses of the season...in the rain
Tags: red rose rain flower nature wet

Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Rain or snow that drains on the east side of the Continental Divide flows toward the Atlantic Ocean while precipitation on the west side drains and flows toward the Pacific
Tags: karchner western mountain man rockies horse

model was the first rider out in last year's 2006 Annual Mountain Man Rendezvous in Pinedale Wyoming. He was so striking and stood out from all the other actors. He rode out on a beautiful "Blue Roan
Tags: karchner religious preacher horse doctor bibl

Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasing number of U.S. states have reported cases of novel H1N1 influenza with associated hospitalizations and deaths. By June 3, 2009, all 50 states
and a bit of bed rest and we're right as rain. Problem with that is us humans don't have this resistance to swine flu, mostly because we're not pigs. The pigs would be in the same boat if a human strain had
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
Hard spikes of cold rain nailed the day to the city. Thunder rolled across the dark sky, She could not conceal her bitterness. 'Stealing children from their mother' Custody dispute?' 'Well
Tags: this book is a work in progress

The first short story I wrote
body that is in your room," The man said dropping her to the cold asphalt that was wet with her blood. "Bye Annabelle...forever." As she closed her eyes, rain started to pelt down onto her
Tags: Death Cake Writing

Maddie and her friends find mysterious keys and sp
and she stayed sitting on the back porch polishing her fingernails. Meea was counting fast and being a spoiled sport because she was always found first. Leah decided to switch places with Meea. When
Tags: Maddie

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
and Diane John Cougar Little Pink Houses John Cougar Bad Moon Risin' CCR Born on the Bayou CCR Down on the Corner CCR Fortunate Son CCR Have you Ever Seen the Rain CCR Looking Out My Back Door
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

A book I wrote about a young wallaby and it's moth
day in Kickyaballalong (kick-ya-ball-alongWallace the rock wallaby was out of the pouch for the first time and everything was very new and exciting. All the young animals had come to the billabong
Tags: Childrens book picture book educational

If you've ever tried to garden in "deer country",
HOMEGROWN TOMATOES 1 Outside the wind howled and rain swept across the yard. The woman looked at her calendar and smiled, it was the third week in February. Today was her day to plant tomatoes
Tags: gardeningdeertomatos

This is justa song I wrote.
What to do without you Verse 1: Chorus: Verse 2: Chorus: Bridge: (Repeat) (Repeat) Chorus: End: Every memory just fades like rain Every heart felt word was full
Tags: rock song music what to do without you lov

A short story of a very long night.
the gentle flame until the twigs themselves caught fire. First one twig then another caught alight. Sean hurriedly added larger pieces, until slowly the fire began to take hold. He should have
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.