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these warm sheets with me, Amore The morning howl would freeze the falling sleet onto your frail eyelids Here, you are safe, enshrined in the breath illumed between these lips and your homesick wings
Tags: poetry amore writer reincarnation poem free v

Innocence in the Mist I find myself alone tonight: And, reaching for my oars in this frail craft of a retrospection - I'm aswim in a river of sentimental rainbows
Tags: art Native American childhood memories mental i

An emotional poem about a lonely and depressed gir
found my feeble body All of them gasped in shock They remarked, How could this happen? As they glanced at my frail figure, Blood spilled from both wrists My imperceptible face was reflected
Tags: Poem Feelings Emotions

This probably one of my top three darkest, most di
You morbid creature, turning to stone And bent against the bleeding wall The torrential pit of your self-slaughter Your frail martyrdom of denial You are nothing You have fallen Your carcass
Tags: poetry

On January 20th, after a very long and difficult s
in another Right up till the very end A loving wife, friend and mother Though you grew so weak and frail You wouldn't give up the fight But God needed His angel back In order to make things right No longer
Tags: Mother Loss death cancer mother

A story about the future a post-apocalyptic world
to exact my revenge, and now its finally time. Hey Alli, Where you goin? Asked a small frail child Ive gotta go out for a while, Ill be back in time to fix you all some lunch. Alli replied okay said
Tags: DX

A poem I wrote about peace and how I think it coul
and all just as frail."You dont believe in what I do. So, we have to fight."Belief in what?Something none of us have ever seen,Or even let us know existed.In the same way, fighting in general can
Tags: Peace Theoretical War Fighting Theorize

A poem I wrote about my beliefs and how Science is
Tags: Science Religion Frail Feeble