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It's either thawing out or freezing up... on this trip, it was thawing
Tags: round valley reservoir freezing thawing

photograph by adriano
Tags: snow

falling through a shallow layer of clouds. When this happens, supercooled droplets in the lower clouds freeze. The resulting heat of fusion (latent heat released when freezing occurs) warms the air
Tags: Fallstreak Hole Weather Sunset Clouds Sky Pe

my front yard on a cold freezing sunny winter day
Tags: canallakesnowice sunlight

belly stove it it was not connected so we were freezing... I was freezing he is used to it. We spent the day building the piping for that old stove. Great project took about 6 hours. We tested
Tags: potbelly stove pot belly stove

Tags: frost

due to freezing weather the fountain at work got frozen
Tags: ice

Cold weather, water and ice sculpting a little bit
Tags: Weije freezing weather Raleigh snow days ice

Steely blue daggers of winter's fury shimmer in th
Tags: Weije icicle freezing weather Raleigh snow days

very french inspired. amanda's a trooper! it was freezing that day
Tags: classique

This Shot Was Taken In The Morning After A Night Of Freezing Fog
Tags: Nature

Based on a true story. (889 words)
to winter, and January brought with it the worst storms in decades. Frigid arctic winds howled for days. Freezing rain created a world brittle as glass, snapping tree limbs and power lines alike. Western
Tags: chukkarsageOregonhuntingKmart

A night in the existence of a vampire whose job is
loomed just under the balcony, and even giving it a minute glance, Charity could almost feel her heart freezing. Returning her gaze to Archer seemed more comforting by comparison. So I hear you have
Tags: Short Story

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
will be as nothing. She shivered at both his words and frigid breath. Are you excited or am I cold to you? Despite her wonderment, Jessdana only said, Youre freezing, Master. A good sign, then. Your powers
Tags: Short Story

my poem "the restless night" =)
Tags: the restless night contest poem cold city home winter freezing

Fifteen Degrees Below Freezing, With A Hundred Fifty Miles To Go
Tags: cold snow drive

A short story I wrote for a friend.
open filled with fear and sadness and the coldness of death. Her skin was tinted blue from the freezing temperatures of the lake, and her hair that used to be a bright blond was a light green from all
Tags: Vanessa Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
brother. The older boy didn't respond. The young boy took a step back mimicking the older boy then his eyes narrowed on him menacingly. Taking a nearby knife out of a corpse's dead freezing
Tags: Dante Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
The heavy breathing of Dan filled the air as he slumped his tired-burdened body against the freezing cold steel wall. The words flowed through his mind as his breathing slowed into a faint
Tags: Dan Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
in a small room. Trying to get up, she moaned in pain and rested her face against the freezing concrete floor. Moving her hand in front of her face, she saw cuts all down her arms. 'What the hell happened
Tags: Dani Horror Death