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This is my pug named Doug. He is awesome. Pugs are really funny dogs. They are known for their comedic behavior
Tags: pug dog

Picture of my sister before she left for the church for her wedding. My mother dressed my sister's chihuahua in a tux, to lighten everyone up a bit. It was really funny and made for great photos
Tags: Bride chihuahua wedding

, capture it to share with others. This strikes a funny cord as well. In this photo I see a Blue Whale swallowing up the moon, those Seagulls seem to be saying, "Hope I'm not next" ;o
Tags: clouds moon blue whale

My Niece taking a bath. She looked very serious. Too Funny
Tags: Pink Bow

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
or funny books passed back and forth in a book, sometimes without the book. The teacher persisted in her efforts to be patient and to calm the class. Sadly, minor misbehavior was not the worst problem. My
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Tags: Amy Taylor

A turtle couple share a romantic evening.
Tags: turtle love sex jeremy grant animals funny animal comedy turtles film short

Our man on the street Rick takes on Chicago's air
Tags: comedy interview video sketch skit funny humor snl stupid dumb

a sweet song dylan made a long time ago
Tags: old cousin lenny caution x funny song

This is what I do in my spare time.
Tags: funny pointless

Training for a zombie infestation.
Tags: funny pointless

Watch me LIVE at The Funny Bone comedy club in Cincinnati, Ohio
Tags: Erin Bitch funny girl comedy

The hunt for Bin Laden
Tags: GeorgeBushTonyBlairOsamaBinLadenpoliticscomedyfunnyhumourhumourouspolitical

The romance of George Bush and Tony Blair. Told in
Tags: GeorgeBushTonyBlairpoliticspoliticalcomedyfunnyhumourromanceromantic

Jonathan Randall performs at various venues
Tags: jonatathan randall comedy awesome funny america

Jonathan Randall is joined by a very special littl
Tags: jonathan randall awesome funny girl special

This is Nate Bargatze perfroming on the first ever
Tags: stand up comedyfunnynatebargatzegreatcleansouthern

Heather Mills speaks out about not being cast in G
Tags: heather mills grindhouse tarantino rodriguez planet terror awesome funny jonathan randall wii ipod iphone accident


my bernie mac impression..."people" seem to like i