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My fun in the sun, ghost flames painted on the gas tank colors changes as you walk by it from purple through a fire orange to gold
Tags: Motorcycle

Taken using a long exposure with a flash at the end to create the "ghost" effect
Tags: night portrait selfportrait outdoors lights surreal urban cameratricks ghost

This is The Swinging Johnson Brothers' rendition of the movie, "Ghost" From: The Heart-A-Palooza SEE THE SWINGING JOHNSON BROTHERS LIVE!!! Every Second and Fourth Sunday of the month
Tags: gilbert godfried comedy laugh

Me dressed up as an old man. long exposure to create a ghost effect
Tags: elderly old cane mask halloween

Ok, so thats no ghost, its me, and ok thats a radio cabinet and not a wardrobe. and ok its not from the 1800's but damned if it doesnt look tight
Tags: ghost pirate antique creepy weird

this image was taken with a holga camera at an anime convention. The low lighting caused this photo to distort the figure and give it a ghost like appearance
Tags: ghost spirit soul black white 35mm photo girl scary horror fantasy

this image was done with a holga camera. it is a photo of 2 women sitting on a couch. It creates a strange ghost-like appearance...spoooky
Tags: ghost spirit soul black white 35mm photo girl scary horror fantasy

Logo for a production company.
Tags: Specter Boy Logo Tree Goth Ghost Spooky

Mixed Media. Images stretched by hand, then altere
Tags: Art Haunted Black White Horror Scary Fear Ghost Face

Apperture settings of cameras rock.
Tags: photograph self-portrait see-through ghost spirit sad disturbing ugly pretty lights bright dim dark shadow shade color black and white eyes contemplative

This is my darling friend. We have chats in this
Tags: Clairvoyent Psychic Ghost

A stool left behind in an abandoned amusement park
Tags: stool ride amusement park blue abandoned

An abandoned passenger train outside of Carlisle,
Tags: abandoned train passenger ghost

for several years and it appears that they are raising their first batch of offspring this year in this old ghost gum (Widow Maker)that is on private property
Tags: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/finder/display.cfm

A haunted house/play turned movie short. A Hallowe
Tags: halloween ghost zone movie short play gothic dead undead military experiment

You are HERE
Tags: ghosthauntingspookyscaryhorrorghost hunting

Do you serve spirits?
Tags: alcoholghosthaunteddrinkinghauningsghost hunting

I take the light from an old lamp I found in the a
Tags: Magic Sacha light old mysterious mystery ghost

Tags: horses

Made a graphic out of a lamp I've had for a while.
Tags: Lamp Zen Light Brown Cool Soft Glow Wood Japanese Ghost