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This is also one of my own songs, that I wrote. It has alot of emotion wrapped into it. Not gonna explain the story behind it, but it sparked a "play now" and this is what I came up with. Wrote about
Tags: What do yo tell me

This is a song i recorded, it's just a bass instru
Tags: instrumental bass one evil penguin joe guita

One of our first songs, which was supposed to be heavy, coz thats what we wanted to be, but we realised we were gonna be indie!! so the start is heavy and then it goes all indie and loverly
Tags: Ease Off Alternative London Rock Indie Islin

That's a song written by The Beatles "You're Gonna Lose That Girl
Tags: Beatles song

This song was written during a really confusing time in my life. I didn't know what I was gonna do with my life. College? Job? What kind of job? Future? Do I even have one? This song
Tags: indie rock the frenzy not the same progressive

of gang violence. Hope this convinces kids not to join gangs and stay out of trouble. God bless ya'll. Hope u enjoy, nd please let me knoe wat u think. Its just a rough draft, so its gonna be changed
Tags: johnny boy teen death teen trouble old school h

yea i dont need to say a word, the music speaks for itself -.- (this is i think is gonna be my last version
Tags: Aura Soundtrack


written last year....alotta people think its a gd
Tags: hot

of space crack-and you bettah-watchout cuz you're gonna get scortched-using a-spaceship as a "blowtorch"-a paranoid bitch with a sword and a gun-I don't really recommend it but I really think it's fun
Tags: Star wars the jedi pimp rock metal industria

who I am, what I am or what I am about. I refuse to let the opinions and comments of others deter me from my mission and vision. I’m always gonna stand up for what I believe in, even if I’m the only

A collections of clips that I put together of me j
Tags: amatuer comedy woman standup life

De algo hay q morir. Something i'ts gonna kill you anyway
Tags: smoke die muerte graphic design art arte dis

My redo of a great Kitty Wells classic with strong
Tags: Kitty Wells Classic country guitar vocals

classic Carpenters song
Tags: sc00bskaraokecovercarpenterssinging

one of several recordings we made during a short b
Tags: platte river rain

i waz gonna enter thiz into the contest for our school'z new drawing of the mascot, but my lazynezz came about again... bleh. besidez, i doubt they'd take it, it might be too devilish for them
Tags: devil

I literally didnt mean to take this picture. I was waving my camera back and forth saying whos it gonna land on?...and this is what it did. I personally think it's a pretty amazing picture
Tags: People accident

Tis tune is fah wen yuh in de clud an yuh see ah h
Tags: Gonna