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My LiL' guy, Griffen, fell asleep on my lap!!! This is just one among MANY shots I just couldn't help but to take of him
Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten

Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten

Well...out of the 8 cats that are my extended children, Griffen is the most peculiar! I call him my lil' 'Sexi Man'! He has this 'look', as you can see in the photo, and he gives me kisses ON my
Tags: The Cats Meow Meow Cat Griffen

, here's Griffen...Doing what he does best...prowling the NIGHT away!! :) Enjoy
Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten Kitty Night time Prowling

Ok...Here he is...but in the original shot :)!!!
Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten Prowling Night Night time

Call me crazy, but I have 7 cats, 1 pup, and 1 bun
Tags: Griffen Muffins Maxie Lady Bug Video Funny playing rasseling outdoors indoors running jumping barking meowing

There's my handsome lil' guy!!!! Just sittn' in a
Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten

As many of you know (the ones of you who have seen my video), Griffen and Maxie are BEST Buds!!! This is only ONE among so many shots (and videos) of them playing :)!!! Only, in this shot, I do
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Dogs Maxie Griffen

Muffins can not STAND Griffen!!! Is it THAT obvious??!! Griffen is just a big sweet ol' LOVING ball of fur...all he wants to do is PLAY!!! :D Muffins, on the other hand, is a Big, GROUCHY ball
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Griffen and Muffins

Well well WELL...CAUGHT in ACTION!!! :D Griffen doing what MOST cats do best...climbing a TREE :D
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Griffen

on a 'normal' day, you would most DEFINETELY see the 'HATE'! Usually you can find these two on the chase...Griffen begins w/ a paw tap (trying to 'entice' Muffins in play), then you'll hear a little "HISS
Tags: Nature Pets Cats Griffen and Muffins

Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten

Cats will do the DARNDEST things!!! :) I was actually in the middle of video taping the clouds (the day after our first real rain), when Griffen snuck up on me and ATTACKED my shoe!!! Later on he
Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten

Tags: Griffen Cat Kitten

, as of YET haven't done :(...)...and LO' n' BEHOLD...I catch Griffen, Muffin, and Electra all nosing around the Ivy, in my next door lady's yard! So..I head that way, and RIGHT as I get up real close
Tags: Nature Small Tiny Rodent Possum